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Complete Shutdown

hi all,hope someone can all started a few days ago after putting fuel in,as i attempted to start the car,it just...

1993 Ford Escort orion 1.6i 16v lx
Posted: Oct 31, 2007
Losing power

I recently bought the car and after it standing on my drive for a few days i noticed a puddle of oil underneath, i have ...

1996 Ford Escort 1.8 TD LX
Posted: Oct 27, 2007
Engine failure

the oil light came on and within 5 miles started losing power then the engine started shuddering and cut out, got towed ...

1998 Ford Escort 1.4 silouette
Posted: Oct 25, 2007
Strange noise when turning left

For the last week, when I drive the car left, I hear a strange whirring sound at the front of the car coming from undern...

2000 Ford Mondeo V reg zetec
Posted: Oct 14, 2007
Need engine rebuild

1998 Ford Fiesta 1.4L 16v zetec-s
Posted: Oct 10, 2007