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Battery, keeps going flat need charging, different things appear on dash, tyre pressure, change oil, they say it needs updating

2021 Diesel
Posted: Sep 29, 2023
2018 Ford Kuga ST line Washer jets needs replacing within 1year

Washer jets replaced by Arnold Clark on 2019 kuga just slightly over a year ago and they are away again.

2018 1.8 TSD
Posted: Sep 23, 2023
When starting the car its goes a bit then cuts out, but if you press on the accelerator for a while it takes off

normally in the morning this happens are when you first start the car, you have to accelerator really hard to get it going and it happens often after that. Its as if it struggling to get fuel. We ch...

2010 4x4
Posted: Sep 14, 2023
2017 ford kuga vignale 2ltr, coming up too slow, AWD turned off, to hot, no cit stop,

It is intermitant, comes on dashboard. 5 problems, front camera off service, no hill start, no all wheel drive-off too hot. no city stop, no speed coming up on dash in right hand corner. Going too slo...

2017 vignale
Posted: Aug 28, 2023
Door lock problem

Door wouldn't open with Key Fob so used the key which opened the door but the alarm went off. Placed key in central position and the alarm stopped unfortunately I left the key in the central position ...

2019 automatic
Posted: Aug 9, 2023
Automatic headlights

the headlights don't stay on in automatic mode, only when you put them in manual mode they work. What could be the problem?

2016 2.0 disel
Posted: Jul 27, 2023
Oil gone all clumpy garage said this can only happen if something was put in to it but nothing has been put into it, so what could cause this Ford kuga 2.0 diesel 2018

Oil gone all clumpy and garage as said somthing was put into it but this has not happened, has any one had the same problem with there Ford kuga 2.0 diesel with full service history

2018 2.0
Posted: Jun 14, 2023
Ford kuga 2010 drivers door handle not opening door

Drivers door not opening

2010 2.0 titanium
Posted: Jun 6, 2023
2011 ford kuga mk1 2.0 diesel No Crank.

Press start button ,all ignition lights are working but will not crank. It will start with a short tow and run fine ??? Replaced starter, Battery ok, ECU professionally checked as ok

2011 titanium Ford Kuga 2011 2.0 TDCi 4x4 [MK I]
Posted: May 7, 2023
Door hinge

I have a 21 plate kuga and the driver door hinge started double clicking when opening and closing, went to the dealership who diagnosed it as the door check strap , this was fitted and made no differe...

2021 2.2 diesel
Posted: Apr 27, 2023
Car revving itself

car recs itself up to 1200 on idle does it for a minute or 2 then goes back down under 1000 rpm

2017 1.5 diesel titanium x
Posted: Apr 15, 2023
Stop start issue

when stopping at lights the car stops but when you put foot down on clutch car does restart and then tells you must manual start with the button which sometimes doesnt work for a few seconds

2014 1.5 titanium x
Posted: Apr 10, 2023
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