What is a Alternator?

The Alternator is part of the car Electrics system. We have 4 associated problem symptoms connected to it.

We also have 1082 owner problems that mention it.

What problems can be caused by a faulty Alternator?
1082 problems that mention the Alternator

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Electric failure

Hi all, good evening.. I have a Renault Clio ECO2 2017 When driving the car either on cold or not, I get this beep/alert sound and an alert comes on the dashboard so quickly that I'm unable to see w...

2017 Renault Clio Dci
Posted: Jan 25, 2022
Dipped headlights will not turn off

Head lights stay on after stop driving and car locked , any help please ? Thank you

2005 Renault Modus 1.2
Posted: Jan 23, 2022
Intermittent starting

No pattern to the car not starting, does it in all temps , will crank but not start , turn key second time will struggle but then start , fault codes have been different, have had crankshaft sensor ...

2007 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 elite
Posted: Jan 23, 2022
Front fog light tell tale light on the dashboard on when even side lights are on however the car does not have front fog lights!

Problem recently appeared as per title ie when lights are switched on the front fog light tell tale light illuminates - car does not have front fog lights! Hyundai can offer Zeno explanation or estima...

2017 Hyundai i10 1.2 automatic lpg
Posted: Jan 22, 2022
Battery light coming on whilst driving

alleged alternator giving excess voltage, new alternator fitted and fault remains,

2014 Ssangyong Korando 2 ltr SE4
Posted: Jan 22, 2022
Radio switching on/off with full beams, lights flickering full steering wheel turn

So my 2015 SRi auto now switches radio/central panel on and off when turning on full beams and sometimes when turning on rear window demister. Sometimes just when driving away when doors lock, radio ...

2015 Vauxhall Astra SRi auto
Posted: Jan 21, 2022
Rear lights, number plate light and internal lights keep fusing

Rear lights, number plate light and internal lights keep fusing when the car is driven. A local garage has replaced the light clusters at the rear and the entire fuse box but this hasn’t resolved th...

2013 Peugeot 107 1.0
Posted: Jan 18, 2022
Screen turns off

No headlights on, not connected to radio was connected via Bluetooth. Had a short journey (less than 10 mins) cut out on the way there and on the way back

2016 Citroen C4 cactus
Posted: Jan 16, 2022
Battery drain.

Continual problem of battery drain since new. Battery checked OK. Alternator charging OK. Been told by garage that devices plugged into usb ports, such as car video cam and a usb voltmeter are causin...

2014 Ford B-MAX Titanium X Auto 1.8 automatic petrol
Posted: Jan 11, 2022
Steering warning on .no power steering

Drove 5miles ,turned first corner ,steering power light on .

2010 Fiat Panda 1.2 eco dynamic
Posted: Jan 10, 2022
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