Alternator Problems

Car Owner Alternator Problems
Car wouldn't start.

Recovery vehicle operator confirmed there was no indicator of any vehicle problems or battery failure. As a last resort he disconnected the battery for ten minutes then reconnected it. The car started...

2017 Vauxhall Astra SRi 1.4 Turbo
Posted: Sep 18, 2021
Alternator /ECU

So started getting “battery charging fault” on dashboard very occasionally about 9 months ago, got to the point where it was coming on all the time and the battery went flat. Went to the mechanic...

2016 Vauxhall Vivaro Vivaro
Posted: Aug 26, 2021
Faulty Power Steering

The power steering has begun turning itself on while I am driving. The only way to 'unlock' it is to stop as quickly as I can, turn the engine off, and then restart the car. Having arthritic hands, ...

2004 Vauxhall Meriva 1.6
Posted: Aug 18, 2021
Battery is not holding its charge.

Draining overnight. battery only a yr old. what could be draining the battery?

1999 Jaguar XK8 4l V8
Posted: Aug 9, 2021
Everything usually electrical

Constant draining, bought 6 months ago as temp car. Within 2 days, I go out to start it and it's dead, battery didn't match the receipt for new one in paperwork I got with car, so I went got a new yua...

2006 Peugeot 206 1.4 urban
Posted: Aug 8, 2021
Whining noise from engine or transmission

Whining noise from engine or transmission, gets worse as engine warms up..

2009 Volkswagen Polo 1.2 petrol
Posted: Aug 8, 2021
No power steering and stop light on

No power steering

2006 Renault Clio Clio expression DCI 86
Posted: Aug 7, 2021
Battery warning light on

Battery warning light comes on and beeps, It has a new battery. It has just had a service and MOT too.

2011 Citroen C3 Don’t know
Posted: Aug 7, 2021
Radio/sat nav not working

The whole sat nav/radio etc screen is blank. Just a little red light.

2014 Mitsubishi L200 Barbarian
Posted: Aug 6, 2021
Can’t turn steering wheel

Car was sat stationary for a few months and steering has become stiff. Yellow power steering light showing on dashboard.

2010 Seat Ibiza 1.6 petrol
Posted: Aug 3, 2021
Car loosing power

Having a problem with my ds4, when I’m driving car looses power loose rev,, the ABS and ESP anti roll back, hand break fail and engine light comes on .. could u help me out please had a diagnostic d...

2012 Citroen DS4 1.6 diesel
Posted: Jul 31, 2021
Front passenger door not locking/unlocking

Front and rear doors lock stuck in locked position, I renewed both locking mech and back door is now fine but front door still not working, ie stays locked when operated in any way key/fob.. I welcome...

2006 Volkswagen Golf 2.0 tdi Sport
Posted: Jul 23, 2021
'battery charge or electrical supply faulty'

I drive for approx half a mile, battery warning light comes on and ‘battery charge or electrical supply fault’ flashes onto the display. There is no change to the running of the car and the batter...

2010 Peugeot 207 1.4
Posted: Jul 21, 2021
Side windows won't open

Electric windows won't open

2007 Hyundai Getz 1.1 gds
Posted: Jul 17, 2021
Battery service light on dash

Changed alternator and charged battery and battery light and service charge system

2012 Vauxhall Insignia 2. O cdti
Posted: Jul 14, 2021
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