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Alternator List shows owner problems submitted to AutoInsider where Alternator was mentioned in the description of the problem.
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Car Owner Alternator Problems
Wont start

Had to jump start my car after it sat for ages and it started fine. I left it running for a while but tried to jump star...

2009 Vauxhall Astra 1.6
Posted: Jan 31, 2021
Headlights not working

Had to jump start the car with jump leads due to a flat battery. Since then both headlights stopped working. Main beam w...

2007 Renault Scenic 1.5 Diesel
Posted: Jan 24, 2021
Electric windows

Hi I have a Skoda 4x4 Scoat a few months a go I went to get in my car in the morning and all the windows were down , so ...

2013 Skoda Octavia 2 diesel
Posted: Jan 18, 2021
Getting battery charging light alert. Garage says charging is fine but for £400 a new alternator would solve it

The light won’t go off, but garage says it’s charging ok ...

2013 Renault Clio 1.2litre
Posted: Jan 18, 2021
Alternator is charging but red light stays on

alternator is charging but red light stays on

2015 Mitsubishi L200 triton
Posted: Jan 18, 2021
Dash lights flickering

Dash lights flicker and dealer diagnostic can’t find anything wrong!! Could it be the alternator? Spanner, exclamatio...

2020 Vauxhall Corsa SE
Posted: Jan 14, 2021
Engine wont start but lights, central locking and radio are working

No warning lights come on , the engine wont start at all , but the central locking works and so does the lights and radi...

2013 Peugeot 107 1l
Posted: Jan 11, 2021
The headlamps have stopped working,

Although the side, rear and fog lamps still work, and the main bean can be 'flashed' Could this be a problem with a fuse...

2013 Volkswagen Polo 1.2
Posted: Jan 11, 2021
Engine information wire

It's putting out 12 v not putting out 14v

2016 Peugeot Partner 1. 6
Posted: Jan 8, 2021
New battery & starter motor, still not charging

had a new battery & starter motor fitted,ran ok for around a week,then cut out on way home,everything lit up like a chri...

2011 Vauxhall Astra elite cdti 157 auto
Posted: Jan 6, 2021
Delayed starting and battery drainage

It takes long to start and in the process it drains up the battery.

2003 Nissan Teana 1.8TDI
Posted: Jan 5, 2021
Check esp & orange spanner light up

after driving for approx 1 mile the Check esp & orange spanner light up only to go off shortly later. On checking diagn...

2010 Renault Scenic 1.6 16v
Posted: Jan 4, 2021
Stop start not working

Stop start not working

2019 Mercedes Benz GLC 220
Posted: Dec 20, 2020
Battery charging fault

Battery charging fault, stop vehicle messing displayed. Could this be alternator?

2015 Peugeot 2008 1.3
Posted: Dec 13, 2020
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