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After 3 months, my new Puma's clutch failed totally on a busy motorway. I managed to nurse it to a place of safety but am now told it is not covered by warranty as it is "driver error". The dealership...

2021 manual
Posted: Oct 5, 2021
Instrument Panel lights:sidelights and headlamp adjuster not working

Fuses 6 & 7 OK but no power across the fuse terminals for those 2 fuses. Any bright ideas

1999 1.7 MaNUAL
Posted: Jan 29, 2017
Abs and traction control light stays on

My abs light and traction control light is on together iv been told this maybe due to 1 sensor. If so we're can I find these sensors my brakes are fine but it wheel spins frequently even more when on ...

2001 1.7 manual
Posted: Oct 30, 2016
Water in both front footwells

Hi I am really going mad I have sealed the plastic trim where the windscreen wipers are with sealant and I have cleaned all the drainage holes but every time it rains the footwells are soaking

Posted: Jan 3, 2016
Electric windows

Just bought a puma electric windows don't work and no indication lights/radio checked the fuses there ok. Thanks

2001 1.7
Posted: May 23, 2015
Drivers sidelight not working

Drivers sidelight not working have tried several good bulbs and the fuse on drivers side is good. Bought a hole new sidelight unit as it wasn't just a bulb as in the Puma handbook. All other lights ar...

2000 1.7
Posted: Apr 28, 2015
Rear wheel arches corrosion

could you please give me a quote to cut the old wheel arches and have new ones welded in please. the drivers side is the worst as the rust runs around the arch but the passenger side has got just a sm...

1999 1.7
Posted: Apr 7, 2015
High engine revs

when driving and go to accelerate I get high engine revs. have got car up to working temperature and got car to stall on the handbrake so don`t think it is the clutch. could it be the traction con...

1999 1.7
Posted: Nov 21, 2013
Oil light coming on intermitintly

Hi ive had the timing belt & pully replaced also head gasket & seals replaced around 5 weeks ago and the oil light is flickering on & off again usualy when Im slowing down or changing down gear cant f...

2001 1.6 i
Posted: Jul 28, 2012
Radiator fan not working

the rad fan does not come on when standing in traffic and the temp guage rises but does start when the air con is turned on so think the motor is ok any help please and how to fix if its a diy job th...

1998 1.7
Posted: Jul 1, 2012
Rear foglight switch

the swich works the lights but the warning light that warns it is switched on and the interior lights built into the switch dont i have got hold of 2 replacments and its the same with them any ideas

Posted: Jun 14, 2012
Pulling to the left when clutch hitting biting point...

The problem i am having is when i am driving my car and dip the clutch then bring it back to biting point it sharply pulls to the left and the steering wheel is at an angle. Then when i accelerate aga...

1997 1.7 16v
Posted: Apr 15, 2012
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