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Unable to change gear

after a run of 20 miles plus I am enable to select any gear. If I turn off and remove key, then replace key and re start the problem clears, until it repeats the same problem.

2013 studio plus
Posted: Sep 6, 2021
Very slight transmission fluid leak on my 2007 60 KW Ford KA

Ford service rep told me the transmission is a sealed type and there are no fill/drain plugs. Is there any other way to check the fluid level. If not, are there directions online describing transmis...

2007 60 KW
Posted: Sep 1, 2021
Big ends knocking

I have a 2013 KA 1.2 is it worth getting big end bearing repaired? They knock from a cold start

2013 1,2
Posted: Aug 15, 2021
Petrol fumes in the car

can smell petrol in the car especially when parked with the engine running but there is no petrol leaks anywhere in the engine bay.

2015 1.2 zetec
Posted: Mar 6, 2021
Intermittent stiff gearbox - SOLVED

Increasing difficulty in selecting into the 5th / reverse plane, and gear lever generally stiff, not springing back into the neutral position from this plane. Found to be that the shift inner cable-...

2009 1.2 RU08 (Fiat 500)
Posted: Mar 4, 2021
Cutting out and A button comes on

Cutting out then the A button comes on. I have to switch engine off completely then wait a few minutes before starting it back up

2015 1.4
Posted: Jan 17, 2021
Brake warning light flickers

On a rough road or a jerky gear change the brake warning light flickers, definitely full of brake fluid and handbrake down.

2008 zetec
Posted: Nov 26, 2020
Sometimes the mileage flashes , but recently when I turn the key to start the car, the time keeps flashing , I’ve tried restarting it and it’s permanently flashing . What could this be ?

Sometimes the mileage flashes , not all the time , just occasionally. Now the clock is permanently flashing when I turn in the engine . The car starts perfectly, so I’m confused why this is happenin...

2009 1.2
Posted: Oct 12, 2020
Frost light on dash permanently on

Frost light on dash stays on even in warm weather

2016 Zetec
Posted: Sep 7, 2020
Electric power steeering

the yellow steering wheel symbol on the dashboard comes on when driving

2009 1.3 petrol
Posted: Jan 3, 2020
Electrical issues

I had the bonnet up checking the oil n water. Could just b a coincidence but when that was done n I drove it for the first time the car started to judder in low gear, but as the speed got up it would ...

2004 sublime
Posted: Nov 5, 2018
Engine does not start

I was driving when the fan belt broke. I was stalled and had the belt replaced. when I tried to start the vehicle the engine was cranking but there was no compression. We then proceeded to check the t...

2012 Fiesta Sedan
Posted: Aug 23, 2018
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