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No audio

For some time, there has been a loud static sound from the speakers before the radio cutting out. On restarting the car, all reset and ok. However recently, another loud static sound then radio hasn't worked since. Display states 'no audio'...

2013 2.0tdi
Posted: Apr 11, 2024
Ruptured water pump

I have a ruptured water pump. I have ordered and collected the new pump directly from Fords but no garage seems to be able to complete the work due to the engine being eco boost gti as the mechanics I have already spoken to have said the jo...

2019 1.8
Posted: Feb 13, 2024
R passenger door/ window fault and door lock

No electrics work on this door all wiring seems to be ok and fuses are good to

2007 2.0 to
Posted: Nov 12, 2023
Oil coming out of vent pipe on vale caver

It blue the vent caver pipe off as I was driving. Oil every were .

2007 1.8 QYWA engine code
Posted: May 11, 2023
Information warnings keep popping up with no physical fault

Information lights faults with no physical fault

2009 Zetec
Posted: May 5, 2023
Engine turns on but car won’t go into gear. Message on dash says transmission limited.

On dash says transmission limited. When scanned the following codes come up. U0415 Po700 Po766 P2849 P284B

2012 2.0l d
Posted: Feb 22, 2023
Transmission malfunction no drive

Message on dash transmission malfunction no drive

2013 Ford smax
Posted: Dec 25, 2022
Electrical problem, all near side electrics not working including door locks, wing mirror, Windows, plus front and back parking sensors

Started with passenger side front door saying it was open when not. The passenger side wouldn't lock then back door was deadlocked windows not working side mirror not working

2010 2.0 TDCI
Posted: Nov 15, 2022
Car will not start airbag lighton and headlights

Was driving when the airbag light suddenly came on, pulled over and switched engine off and tried restarting but wouldn't crank, when i turned the key the headlights came on. I got someone to give it a push and jumstarted it and it started ...

2007 zetec 2litre diesel
Posted: Jul 24, 2022
Ford smax titanium 2014, message came up trasmission limited function only goes at 20mph in 2nd gear, there's no noise or any burning smell, gears also smooth.

Ford Smax titanium 2014 powershift message on display transmission limited function, only moves in 2nd gear and at 20mph. There's no noise or burning smell also move the gears move smoothly.

2014 2.0 TDI
Posted: Jan 28, 2022
Throw diesel on the injectors and emit smoke at start-up shakes the engine

At f It emits smoke at start-up and sometimes throws diesel out at the injectors

2009 2.0
Posted: Oct 4, 2021
Auto Gearbox, no drive

Driving along at 40 mph and the gearbox suddenly has no drive

2012 2.0
Posted: Aug 26, 2021
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