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The Latest Renault Problems
Loss of power

Hi I have a 1.5 td kangoo van and I've just broke down with loss of power it would lose power then pick back up and then...

2002 Renault Kangoo 15 dci diesel
Posted: Dec 30, 2016
Check emissions on constant

Changed turbo sensor then told change oil and filter now check emissions back on !

2006 Renault Modus 1.9dci
Posted: Dec 19, 2016
Fuel injection

my car often writes *fuel injection* then it would start to vibrate then switches off. Recently after changin gear from...

2005 Renault Modus 1.4 manual
Posted: Dec 18, 2016
Break down cant tow as electronic hand break cant b taken off

Changed up to 3rd n car started to die thought a hit 5th went to 2nd car cut out on a roundabout.tried starting no chanc...

2005 Renault Laguna Estate
Posted: Dec 16, 2016
1.fuel injection/ 2. Change gear

my car keeps writing Fuel injection. then slows down and switches off. 2days ago when changing gear from 1 to 2 Ii di...

2006 Renault Modus 1.4 manual
Posted: Dec 13, 2016
Renault Kangoo sparks on cold morning

2007 Renault Kangoo 1.5 CDI van On cold mornings there are white sparks coming from below what appears to be the turb...

2007 Renault Kangoo 1.5 CDI
Posted: Dec 11, 2016
Exhaust burn out

It's December and my fourth silencer box since June has burnt out. Last month I had a complete new system, so some of t...

2002 Renault Scenic 1.6
Posted: Dec 5, 2016
Filler cap and side door not opening

The sliding rear door will not unlock and open, I believe that it is related to a magnet and reed valve in the petrol fi...

2007 Renault Kangoo Van
Posted: Dec 5, 2016
Brake lights not working

Hello, All of the brake lights have stopped working on my Kangoo 1.5 SL17 DCi70 diesel. Fuse OK. I have checked the br...

2007 Renault Kangoo 1.5 SL17 DCi70
Posted: Nov 24, 2016
Heating up

The engine heats up till the heatgauge are in the middle and then the water hoses starts to warm up till the new termost...

2000 Renault Kangoo 1.4 L injectic
Posted: Nov 3, 2016
Power steering becomes heavy and speedometer cuts out

Hi I have a renault clio 1.2 16v 2007 model The speedometer sometimes just goes off to zero when driving then the po...

2007 Renault Clio 1.2 16v vavavoom
Posted: Oct 25, 2016

After about 3 miles when I take my foot of the throttle I get a winning sound but when I put my foot back on the thottle...

1999 Renault Scenic 1600 manual
Posted: Oct 18, 2016
Automatic gearbox not working

i have changed the oil sealer of my automatic gearbox and changed it's oil. when I started the car ,it goes only in reve...

2002 Renault Laguna auto
Posted: Oct 17, 2016
Misfiring, revs low, losing power

Started by just cutting out and staring again when pulling away/while driving. Note will start fine, but as soon as revs...

1998 Renault Clio 1.2
Posted: Oct 12, 2016
No ignition lights on dash had dash checked all ok

hi i have espace 2.0 petrol automatic 2004 no ignition lights on dash had dash checked dash is fine that is not the pro...

2004 Renault Espace 2.0 petrol auto turbo
Posted: Sep 21, 2016
Main beam indicators radio dont work window doesent go down

main beam indicators radio dont work window doesent go down has any1 got any ideas fuses seam to be ok

2004 Renault Clio
Posted: Sep 16, 2016
Error light on

after the engine start automatically the yellow coil is on and by itself give pedal and the car don't go by the driver a...

2002 Renault Kangoo 1.2 16v
Posted: Sep 1, 2016
Bad fixation transfer box

My Megane Scenic has a negative point on its French MOT 'Bad fixation transfer box'. It didn't fail the test. It's...

2000 Renault Scenic 1.9 dci
Posted: Aug 22, 2016

I was driving the car when I noticed when I press the break peddle my side and tail lights come on and my break lights f...

2005 Renault Clio 1.2 16v
Posted: Aug 18, 2016
Mangerment light

managerlights comes on and off when on drivable but slight juddering

2006 Renault Kangoo
Posted: Jul 15, 2016
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