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2017 renault kangoo interior lights will not switch off

the switches are in the centre position but yhe lights will not switch off

2017 1.2
Posted: Dec 1, 2021
2 no gear ropey

Won't always select 2nd. Gear.

2011 1.5cdi
Posted: Aug 28, 2021
Renault kangoo 2010 1.5dci went to start van nothing but a small click from fuse box under the dash passenger side. Nothing else no starter motor turning

Not starting nothing just a click from the fuse box passenger side. Was running starting perfectly. Tried spare battery in which was fully charged. Nothing again just a small click noise from the fuse...

2010 1.5 dci 70
Posted: Aug 14, 2021
Having difficulty selecting second.fourth and reverse gears

My 2015 manual box has developed a fault. having problems getting second.fourth and reverse gears

2015 1.8 TDI
Posted: Jul 31, 2021
Radio display has an hour glass at is stuck in a loop....

Hour glass on radio display....stuck in a loop...will not come to the display screen

2010 1.5 tdi
Posted: Jul 4, 2021
Screaming sound

When I’m doing 40/50 mph it’s on about 4000/5000 revs any idea why ?

2005 1.6
Posted: Jun 23, 2021
Kangoo 1.2 completely loses power

It starts , but sounds rough , it's inclined to stall while idling, the problem is that it suddenly loses power completely( foot to the floor , nothing happening .) after driving a short distance.( i...

2003 MPV
Posted: Jun 17, 2021
Is there more than one fuse box

How do you get the plastic covers off the fuse board???

2016 1.5 diesel
Posted: May 31, 2021
Superfluous dropping down a gear to third gear then second gear with a massive clunk

often going up an incline, it just drops down a gear followed by dropping down another gear usually with a big clunk.

2005 1.6 16v authentique
Posted: Apr 20, 2021
Where is the door sensor on Renault kangoo

Door light and locks keep clicking an alarm keeps going off

2011 1.5 tdi
Posted: Feb 11, 2021
Starter motor won’t work had a new one fitted still won’t work

Van won’t start had new starter motor and new battery the power is all there but stater motor won’t turn

2011 15
Posted: Feb 10, 2021
Headlights straying on and indicator not working right

kangoo van 2010 indicator was playing up whan you put in on the lights came on so pulled it off and cleaned it up now the indicator is working but the head lights are on and wont go off and no full ...

2010 1461 cc
Posted: Feb 7, 2021
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