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6 real owner problems with the Renault Twingo
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Loud noise even when switched off

Car makes loud noise even with engine off and key out. At this time radio does not work. Sometimes if you continue driving noise eventually goes and radio comes back on.

2014 1.0
Posted: Apr 21, 2023
Widow screen wipers not working

Windows screen wipers just sopped working ,Changed motor and wiper stalk still nothing

2010 1.2 petrol
Posted: Mar 31, 2023
Engine stops when warming up. OK when cold or hot

when making a trip, after a relatively short time (5-10 mins) the engine will stop when on tickover. Once reached normal working temperature everything OK

2015 standard
Posted: Mar 10, 2023
LEDrunning lights come on when charging a flat battery

Car won't start flat battery conect charger after a time led running lights come on

2013 1.2 16 valve
Posted: Feb 26, 2023
Engine wont start and engine locks solid, but it does turn backwards

the car had been sitting for two months , then went to start and it locked, click click its not the battery, even if you try and tow it the engine locks solid, jacked it up and you can turn the engin...

2015 1.2
Posted: Dec 29, 2022
Radio will not turn off when engine off and key removed from ignition

When I take key out of ignition the radio will not turn down or turn off, when the door closes the radio still stays on.

2017 1000cc
Posted: May 2, 2021
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