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My renault espace 2.0t will start, but when I engage the gear the engine stops, WHY?

My renault espace 2.0t will start, but when I engage the gear the engine stops, WHY?

2005 2.0T
Posted: Jun 10, 2021
Espace dynamique heater not working but all controls operate

All the controls appear to be working but the blower is not operating

2008 1.9 dci
Posted: Feb 10, 2021
Have a mk3petrol rail injection

I have a mk3 space which stopped o m25 all good but no spark, have changed coil and crank speed sender to no avail. Any help can the tech fail , back home I found the battery earth to be loose, dave p...

1994 Rn
Posted: Oct 15, 2020
Occasional fault, red warning on dash and car goes into "limp mode" No power but problem gone next morning.

When red light is on on dashboard engine keeps running but is gutless, not a lot of good for when I'm towing the caravan.

2004 2.2dci
Posted: Sep 10, 2020
Dash panel with speedo gauges etc.not working

At the same time the click click sound from the indicators stopped and so did the warning sound that comes when the car is parked with the lights left on the indicator lights are working both left ...

2002 2 ltr manual petrol
Posted: Nov 3, 2018
Won't start

Turn the key and engine doesn't start. Not firing, faint click only or complete silence. Dash and all indicators light up as usual. Used to be occasional but now all the time. Will bump-start. Thought...

2002 Grand Espace Expression 1998c petrol, manual
Posted: Jan 3, 2018
Drivers side heating not working

Hi all, the drivers side heating does not work in my car, only blows out cold air although the passenger side heats up fine off the main controls on my drivers door. Any help would be massively apprec...

2003 2.0 petrol
Posted: Oct 24, 2017
Gearbox fault

Hi when driving my car has a slight knock and then on my display it says gearbox fault with the electrical symbol light on so I pull up and put my alarm on my car for five mins and then when I take th...

2003 2.0turbo petrol
Posted: Jul 26, 2017
How to remove front wheel drive shaft

front wheel drive shaft lacks grease. needs servising

Posted: Jul 24, 2017
Door locking problem

When locking the doors passenger door and rear doors don't lock,( keyless locking system,)does not show up faults on the diegnostic

Posted: May 8, 2017
Loud and noisy fan type noise

have a loud noise like a fan on full speed its not the cooling fan it sounds like its near the nearside wheelarch it really roars and sometimes it starts smoking it does not happen all the time and wh...

2002 2.2dci
Posted: Dec 30, 2016
No ignition lights on dash had dash checked all ok

hi i have espace 2.0 petrol automatic 2004 no ignition lights on dash had dash checked dash is fine that is not the problem. car will not turn over when start button is pressed . any advise will be...

2004 2.0 petrol auto turbo
Posted: Sep 21, 2016
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