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2002 Renault Espace Problem

The Problem

Avatar pars1
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Turn the key and engine doesn't start. Not firing, faint click only or complete silence. Dash and all indicators light up as usual. Used to be occasional but now all the time. Will bump-start. Thought it was a faulty starter so changed this, but problem continues.

Car Renault Espace
Variant Grand Espace Expression 1998c petrol, manual
Model Year 2002
Category Running Rough, Starting & Power Loss

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Avatar Derbyshire
Joined: 3 years ago | Fixes: 223 | Profile

Get the battery tested. Check the earth.


Avatar pars1
Joined: 1 year ago | Fixes: 1 | Profile

Almost-new battery; everything (else) electrical works fine.


Avatar 1/4drive
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remove battery terminals and clean scrape until bright metal shows.
and at the other ends of both big battery leads,
The ground where it connects to the gearbox and the pos where it connects to the starter.
This is for high resistance in the circuit which you do not want and gives your symptoms.


Avatar whittingehame
Joined: 9 years ago | Fixes: 12,009 | Profile

Get the battery load tested and alternator charging rate also .

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