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Hazard light switch not working and indicator lights stay on solid they dont flash

Hazard light switch not working at all, when indicating indicator lights stay on solid they dont flash

2007 2.0 l dynamique
Posted: Jun 1, 2023
Power steering lumpy when turning stearing

Power Steering malfunctioning. No specific warning on Instrument Panel but notice that the Instrument Panel has started to do weird things with Seat Belt Warnings and such like.

2010 Coupe tom tom
Posted: May 26, 2023
Sudden loss of engine power

engine start running smooth but sudden loss of power. Have to press accelerator pedal very hard to get it moving. this continues repeatedly before it finally get moving smoothly again.

2003 2.0 tdi
Posted: Nov 11, 2022
Gear shift won't move

gear shift won't move when engine is on but when of it has no problem (Manual)

2008 2.0
Posted: Oct 20, 2022
Rear brake lights come on when started will not go off and loss of power to rear indicator bulb

all 3 rear brake lights are on when started wont go off and rear passenger indicator bulb loss of power and only gives a faint indicat

2002 saloon
Posted: Feb 10, 2022
Automatic lights work but when deactivated headlights don’t work

So we had to remove the indicator stalk because the indicator wasn’t staying on when turning left. We’ve rectified this problem but now, if the automatic lights aren’t switched on, the headlig...

2006 Privilege
Posted: Feb 1, 2022
It starts sometimes the engine fires up then the computer switches it off

It differs from day to day. One day it starts fine the next day the onboard computer switches the engine off

2011 1.9dci
Posted: Sep 16, 2021
Auto Unlock/ lock not working on drivers door

Got an issue where the drivers door auto lock / unlock has stopped working ..

2011 Gt 175 estate
Posted: Aug 30, 2021
Auto gearbox ECU is draining the battery

Automatic gearbox on my 08 Laguna 2.0t petrol is showing fault ECU bad earth and is draining the battery. Local garage has had the car for three weeks and can't find the fault Any clues?

2008 2.0 t tourer
Posted: Aug 20, 2021
1.9 dci idles normally and revs up normal but drive off and it starts jerking, accelerate and its ok but ease off and it starts jerking again

idles normally and revs normal but take off and it starts jerking, accelerate and its ok but when i ease of at steady speed it starts jerking again.

2004 1.9dci
Posted: Jul 10, 2021
Radio not working

Had water in door it plashed on speaker now no sound from radio fuse under ashtray ok

2007 Sports Tourer Dynamique 150BHP
Posted: Jul 5, 2021
Hazards or alarm

Overnight battery failure. Battery replacement installed - everything fine except flashers / hazards that are always on when battery connected. Unsure if hazards may have taken battery down to start w...

2005 Laguna 2 / 2.0 Litre
Posted: Jun 24, 2021
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