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Injector message

Having issues with my Renault trafic 2012, spanner and engine management light came on, diagnostics said DPF Blocked along with messages about turbochargers, also had a dash message saying check injec...

2012 2.0
Posted: Dec 6, 2023
Injection fault

Yellow spanner and engine managment light are on along with Check injector and Check emissions message, diagnostics said oil deteriorated, had new oil and filter lights came back on after 5 miles, the...

2012 1998 cc
Posted: Nov 27, 2023
Alarm keeps going off at random times

Alarm goes off (often in middle of night). Have taken van into Renault - they have checked the sensors but problem not solved. An engineer said this is a known problem with no cure at the moment.

2023 Renault Trafic SL28dci 150 sportplus
Posted: Sep 21, 2023
Dpf keeps getting blocked

Had the Dpf cleaned out and the day after it came back on. Had it done again 2 days later along with oil and filter change and again the day after came back on. Any ideas? Spent £1000 on new sensors ...

2018 Sport
Posted: Sep 1, 2023
Renault Trafic dci 115 , injection

The van has the orange engine symbol lit and the orange spanner symbol plus the red STOP light beside it lit . This has been a persistent problem ... I have had diagnostics done twice , two sensors re...

2012 FLB1DS
Posted: Jul 4, 2022
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