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Model: TRANSIT CUSTOM recalled on: Jan 30, 2024
Incorrect instructions for setting passenger airbag deactivation in the printed owner’s manual if fitted and in the sync4 instructions. the customer may be unable to identify how to switch off/on the passenger airbag when installing a rear-facing child seat.
Model: TRANSIT recalled on: Dec 13, 2023
The sync screen may display a blue or black image when the vehicle is placed in reverse or when the 360 degree view is selected and available (during low-speed operation).
Model: MUSTANG recalled on: Dec 7, 2023
Some mustang vehicles have a brake system warning lamp in the vehicle’s instrument cluster which may not illuminate if the brake fluid is depleted from the brake fluid reservoir. 
Model: PUMA ST recalled on: Nov 15, 2023
Certain vehicles are equipped with tires which do not meet the rolling road resistance as required to support emissions and co2 requirements.
Model: RANGER recalled on: Nov 10, 2023
Ranger vehicles where the high pressure (hp) pipes connecting with the fuel pump may not have been correctly tightened to specifications.  incorrectly tightened hp pipe joints/nuts may loosen over time resulting in a fuel leak.
Model: E-Transit recalled on: Oct 18, 2023
The flexible printed circuit board (fcpb) may detach from the internal circuit board (icb) within the vehicle’s hv battery pack.
Model: RANGER recalled on: Oct 3, 2023
Ranger vehicles that may have been produced with incorrect bolts for the rear axle ring gear. in some circumstances the incorrect ring gear bolts may become loose under severe driving conditions causing knocking or whining noises from the rear axle. in very extreme cases the vehicle may experience rear axle lock-up due to the bolts detaching and getting stuck in the rear axle gears. 
Model: FIESTA ST recalled on: Sep 27, 2023
On the affected vehicles an incorrect instrument cluster has been fitted. this results in the speedometer not correctly displaying the maximum vehicle speed. 
Model: PUMA recalled on: Sep 5, 2023
Incorrectly configured restraint control module (rcm) which can cause the restraint system not to work as intended. in the event of an incorrect crash sensor being installed throughout the life of the vehicle while in service the current software will not detect it and will not display any warnings in the dash so in the event of an accident the restraints system performance could potentially be degraded therefore increasing the risk of an injury.
Model: RANGER recalled on: Aug 24, 2023
Affected vehicles may have been produced with the propeller shaft flange to transmission bolts loose and / or missing.