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Model: RANGER recalled on: Mar 30, 2023
The driver’s seat belt might have the webbing routed through the anchor rubber trim sleeve instead of being routed through the metal anchor eyelet.
Model: KUGA recalled on: Mar 27, 2023
In the event of a fuel injector failing this will potentially cause a fuel leak.
Model: RANGER recalled on: Mar 22, 2023
The vehicle could develop a crack around the exhaust muffler flange
Model: TRANSIT COURIER recalled on: Feb 15, 2023
Some vehicles will intermittently show airbag light on.
Model: KUGA recalled on: Feb 10, 2023
A small number of vehicles may be fitted with tyres that do not meet the high specification expected.
Model: TRANSIT CONNECT recalled on: Jan 31, 2023
On certain vehicles an incorrect configuration was loaded onto the body control module (bcm).
Model: RANGER recalled on: Jan 31, 2023
On several ranger vehicles an incorrectly configured headlamp control module (hcm) is causing the static bending light (sbl) feature to not work as intended.
Model: KUGA recalled on: Nov 30, 2022
Some kuga vehicles with a panoramic roof may have a fixed glass panel with poor adhesion to the roof frame assembly
Model: TOURNEO CONNECT recalled on: Nov 8, 2022
The lower control arm might not meet manufacturing specification due to missing weld seams
Model: RANGER recalled on: Nov 1, 2022
Vehicles could suffer a differential drive pinion failure