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The Mondeo's design has had an overhaul to make it more modern and sleek. The latest generation is available as an estate and/or with a hybrid engine, as well as various other iterations. The hybrid system allows for the electric battery to combine with a petrol engine; it automatically switches between the the two or uses a combination of both, to deliver an optimal power and efficiency in all conditions.
Mondeo Problems By Model Year
Mondeo Latest Problems
Automatic gearbox
0 responses 2005 2litre petrol
Posted: Jun 13, 2020
Engine malfunction
1 response 2009 2.2tdi
Posted: Jan 5, 2020
Turbo boost fault
1 response 2007 estatetd2000
Posted: Jan 4, 2020
Petrol problem
1 response 1996 1.8i
Posted: Nov 28, 2019
Central locking
2 responses 2003 petrol1.8
Posted: Nov 26, 2019
Ford Mondeo Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: Cazz01

10/ 10

I love my silver Mondeo Titanium! She is stunning to look at. spacious and comfortable to drive. The trunk is massive and the wide, fold down seats are a real bonus too. I wouldn't swap her for the world. Upholstery is easy to clean down. The stereo system is great too.My son wants to sleep in her! The only thing missing is a sun roof!

Reviewed by: Cyrus

10/ 10

My current Mondeo is the second one I've had -- the first one (1997 model) was good for 185,000 miles @22,000 miles per year, with no problems whatsoever. My current one (2002 model) has a mere 59,000 miles on it since I now live in London and use public transport mostly. Most annoying thing is the CD player/changer unit which has 4 CDs stuck in it and I am not able to eject them because the unit thinks there are no CDs in it. Apart from that niggling problem the car is a superb workhorse, and all in all a very comfortable car for drivers and passengers. Difficult to find a better spec on many other cars of that age.(I know, I looked). On a recent trip through France, I got over 42mpg -- driving at the top end of the speed limit with the AirCon on all the time. It always sails through MOT's first time, and is easy (and relatively cheap) to keep maintained. It's the best Ford of many I've owned.

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Mondeo Recalls Issued Per Year
Latest Ford Mondeo Recalls
Affects builds between Feb 13, 2014 and Feb 11, 2019
Recalled on Aug 29, 2019
Affects builds between Dec 15, 2010 and Mar 10, 2014
Recalled on Jun 14, 2019
Affects builds between Jun 30, 2016 and May 30, 2018
Recalled on Feb 22, 2019
Affects builds between Aug 22, 2017 and Dec 14, 2017
Recalled on Dec 19, 2018
Affects builds between Sep 1, 2014 and Apr 20, 2018
Recalled on Nov 7, 2018
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