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1 response 2009 1.3 petrol
Posted: Jan 3, 2020
Electric power steeering
1 response 2004 sublime
Posted: Nov 5, 2018
Electrical issues
6 responses 2012 Fiesta Sedan
Posted: Aug 23, 2018
Engine does not start
2 responses 2008 1299 cc petrol
Posted: Apr 15, 2018
3 responses 2008
Posted: Apr 15, 2018
Ford KA Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: I Ellliott, Stoke on Trent

6/ 10

Prone to rusting around petrol filler cap. Water collects by filler pipe, causing the rusting, to alleviate this drill a small hole near filler pipe allowing water to drain and wax around filler cap cover every couple of months.

Name: I Ellliott
Location: Stoke on Trent

Reviewed by: neil christie, hertfordshire

7/ 10

I own an old KA with pushrod engine. It is great fun to drive and no rubber bands to break and wreck the engine. Simple to work on and cheap parts. Body rot the only issue but a bit of preventative help works wonders. Equipment a bit thin on the ground but less to go wrong. I only drive it locally so dont really need much more than a seat and heater.
Overall feeling is one of simple fun.
Best viewed as cheap, fun knockabout transport. Dont care if it gets dinged or scratched as plenty on it already!
Reliable if serviced which is cheap and easy.
Why pay more?

Name: neil christie
Location: hertfordshire

Reviewed by: john, cheshire

5/ 10

Good to drive around town and not bad on the motorway, mine returns between 45 and 50 mpg on the longish trips I always use it for, but they rust badly especially around the fuel filler and sills. So not a bad car but the rust problem means you would be better buying something else. My brothers old 405 and mates 309 had no rust at 16 and 21 years so this shows what is possible my 6 year old ka sadly is a bit of a rusty mess.

Name: john
Location: cheshire

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

9/ 10

hi have a lovely ka old but good these engines been around a long time just shows you can keep old with new easy to repair good old ford

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

4/ 10

A lovely little car when I purchased it from a lady, had hardly been driven and surprised me as it was so nippy for a 1.3. Ok on the motorway, certainly didn't get in the way of faster vehicles as it sits comfortably at 85mph.
Not sure it like country roads as much as I do, replaced drive shafts and bearings in March, I blame the snow and pot holes. Now it's knocking, took it into Ford and now it needs lower arm bushes on both sides plus lower arm assembley. Now I'll get it fixed and sold, need something sporty and more robust.

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

6/ 10

ford ka easy to work on great little car fantastic on fuel,very nippy wot can i say we have a w reg one starting to rust in all the places they normaly go front pillers cills around fuel cap and underneath but all in all great little car just got the both daughters one each as there first car and they love them aswell

oh forgot to say my main car or the family car is a audi a4 avant some differance ah but still a great little car the KA

well done ford !!!!!

Reviewed by: Anonymous Review

7/ 10

Great wee run about (my Ka is a V reg). Cheap on fuel. I use my Ka mainly to drop my son off at the nursery and then travel to work - 10 miles away. Its ideal for popping my 2 year old in and out of the back and I find it far easier than with my partners 5 door car.

When I do travel on the Motorway with the Ka it is noisey and does not accelerate well at high speeds (depending on driving conditions). I usually put the radio on and the noise of the engine doesn't bother me.

I must admit with the recent conditions this winter for the first time I did feel a little vulnerable on the motorway with the snow verges up either side - but these weather conditions are rare.

Currently I am waiting on my Ka passing its MOT. The main problem is rust underneath the door sills. The rust has not been helped by the winter we had and all the salt on the road, but from the sounds of it at the age it is now it is to say the least rotten :(

The mechanic has advised me to get rid after the MOT - but I like my wee KA!!

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