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0 responses 1997 2.5 V6
Posted: Jun 29, 2010
9 responses 1997 2.5 V6
Posted: Jun 20, 2010
Stuttering Probe (Engine Coolant Temperature Sensor problem, maybe?)
0 responses 1996 16v 2.0l
Posted: Nov 30, 2008
Ford Probe Owner Reviews
Reviewed by: MickieH

9/ 10

Love the car - original styling that still turns heads even though they are so old now.

Nice drivers, hold the road prety well, not as quick as some hot hatches, but an awful lot of car for not a lot of money.

As is commonly found with most cars, they do have some rather annoying tendencies - the earlier ones suffering from non-starting problems usually linked to the immobiliser/distributor, but easily remedied. Wear on drivers bolster is an issue too.

On the whole a cheap sports car that drives well :-)
Badly under rated by those that haven't driven them.

One thing which did make me laugh though is that years ago the Probe was reviewed by the same people who reviewed the MX-6.
The MX-6 got a good review including coments on it's tight gearbox, and responsive engine, etc., but the Probe was slated for sloppy gears and slow pull away, etc. Very strange considering they both have the same engines and gearboxes!! lol.

Some people obviously don't know that the Ford Probe is a MX-6 in disguise.
Ford bought into Mazda back in the '80's and the two cars share engine/gearbox and running gear, etc.
The 24v Probe has the MX-6 2.5ltr engine, and the 16v has the 626 2.0ltr engine.

Lots of modifications available to do to these cars, and parts aren't too hard to get hold of - has a vast selection of parts available.

Go get one and see for yourself.
Stand out, be different!! :-)

Reviewed by: crisper

8/ 10

Always fancied a Probe ever since i saw a brand new one whilst visiting Lake Garda in the mid nineties.Eventually relinquished my love for the Corsair,and purchased my Probe in March 2006.Bought at a garage,she was in superb condition,however ran like a bag of nails.Had a major service,had all the leads changed,and boy does this girl move.Not the fastest at pull away acceleration,but get to 4000 revs and this Mazda engine is like an unleashed beast.Ride is beautifully smooth,must be getting 28 to 32 mpg around town.[this is very good]Loads of room at the front,massive boot.Only two negatives.No room in the back for a grown up if they have legs,and do not park to close to another car as the doors are so long you will be getting in through the boot.Loads of extras,lots of electrical bits and bobs.Oh,if you have a bad back do not buy.

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