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No dashboard indication and central locking not working

Central locking not working on the remote . No dashboard information at all and radio stays on when ignition is turned o...

2009 Ford Mondeo 1.6
Posted: Nov 11, 2020
No stop/ not working

car still running when stopped/eco switch lit up does nothing

2012 Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi
Posted: Nov 8, 2020
Central locking not working

Key fob not operating door locks, but 4 way flashers flash. Tried re-synchronising key, still not working. Manual lockin...

2007 Chevrolet Kalos sx
Posted: Nov 8, 2020
Can't get the reset of time/date etc to hold after reset on battery replacement. Same problem on hour change.

Initially the hour change would not register. Now on a battery change all the time/date items have initialised and when ...

2007 Peugeot 607 2.0 Hdi
Posted: Nov 7, 2020
Fuel pump relay not triggering.

Car won't start. Traced to fuel pump relay not operating. Replacement relay makes no difference but removing top of rel...

2008 Skoda Octavia 1.9 tdi
Posted: Nov 6, 2020
Heater not working

I’ve recently had a new battery and the heater now won’t turn on. I’ve pressed all the buttons, even took it to a ...

2006 Nissan Almera 1.5
Posted: Nov 6, 2020
2011 1.6 16v petrol will only start by pressing and holding accelerator pedal to the floor before turning the ignition key

No warning/fault lights on dash or in computer memory.Disconnecting battery for 30 minutes or more cures problem for abo...

2011 Renault Kangoo 1,6 16v
Posted: Nov 3, 2020
Faulty horn

the horn stopped working, ive had a mechanic gone over the car, he replaced a new squib into the car, and no change, h...

2015 Vauxhall Corsa 1,3cdt.i
Posted: Nov 2, 2020
Sat nav failure , radio problems Eco doesn’t work

Sat nav fails and screen goes back to Citroen logo , radio comes on or cutS out intermittently , eco regularly fails , n...

2016 Citroen C4 Hdi blue 1-6 diesel
Posted: Nov 2, 2020
New battery but struggles to start

We have brought a new Battery for it but went to it this morning and it struggled to start could it be starter motor or ...

2004 Land Rover Freelander 2.0 td4 diesel auto
Posted: Nov 1, 2020
Horn goes off continously

Car was un locked at the time and had been like that for most of the day, when the horn went off continously. Started t...

2008 Peugeot 308 1.6 deisel
Posted: Nov 1, 2020
Cut out while driving, wont start now

I was driving when it suddenly cut out, battery light and stop light came up on dash. It will not start now, just attemp...

2007 Renault Kangoo 1.5 dci
Posted: Oct 31, 2020
Power steering fault and car not starting

I have had the same problems as below with the radio cutting out and restarting with the clock resetting each time howev...

2015 Citroen DS3 1.2
Posted: Oct 30, 2020
Central locking not working on key fob

cannot lock or open car on key fob, but can lock from inside switch

2009 Nissan Note 1.4
Posted: Oct 29, 2020
Car just stops when slowing down and will not restart immediately

car only been driven twice but both times car just stopped whilst driving. first time just after turning a corner, seco...

2006 Peugeot 107 1 ltr
Posted: Oct 28, 2020
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