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Gear box warning fault

I have a semi automatic, it randomly decides not to start. On the touch screen a warning message comes up saying "Gear b...

2013 Peugeot 208 1.4 E HDI
Posted: Jul 8, 2021
ISG gradually failed and Cruising Stop Go has never worked

Suspect the 48v battery doesn’t work. Had car from new and ISG worked about 50% of the time initially but after 160 mi...

2021 Hyundai i20 1.0T GDi 48V MHD Premium
Posted: Jul 7, 2021
2005 E51 Elgrand with battery drain.

Checked battery & charging - both okay but 75 milliamp drain present - appears to be made up of more than one item so, c...

2005 Nissan Elgrand E51
Posted: Jul 5, 2021
No sound at all

All sound (radio, parking sensors, etc) has gone

2017 Peugeot 3008 GT Line
Posted: Jul 4, 2021
Alarm going off when opening passenger side door

The horn is continually going off when opening any passenger door, garage said due to low battery but that doesn't seem...

2006 Ford Mondeo 2ltr titainium
Posted: Jul 2, 2021
Power steeriing fails when driving

power steering locks up when driving . got to stop car and switch engine to get power steering to work again

2010 Seat Ibiza 1.2 s
Posted: Jun 30, 2021

Intermittent centre display not on and no sound from indicators

2015 Vauxhall Astra 2.00 sri diesel
Posted: Jun 29, 2021
Seat memory loss

The seat memory buttons have suddenly stopped working, Tried what it says in the handbook No difference

2014 Peugeot 308 Cc
Posted: Jun 29, 2021
Have no sound from the dashboard

I have no sound from the dashboard - reverse sensor, safety belt, Turn signal... The lights and the honk are working. Wh...

2008 Citroen C4 1.6
Posted: Jun 28, 2021
Hazards or alarm

Overnight battery failure. Battery replacement installed - everything fine except flashers / hazards that are always on ...

2005 Renault Laguna Laguna 2 / 2.0 Litre
Posted: Jun 24, 2021
Will not start ,turns over

Car was running fine in the afternoon, parked overnight, won't start. Battery is new, starter is OK, removed ignition co...

2009 Vauxhall Zafira 1.6 petrol
Posted: Jun 22, 2021
Radio not working, display gone, no sound of indicators and parking sensors

My Vauxhall Meriva’s radio just stopped working as I was replacing the battery. The info display is black and no sound...

2013 Vauxhall Meriva 1.6 SE
Posted: Jun 22, 2021
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