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On starting a red car image comes on and car won't drive immediately

When starting the car a red light in the shape of a car comes on , this goes out after a couple of minutes after which t...

2015 Nissan Note Note
Posted: Nov 25, 2020
Stiff steering

My steering is electric and its gone really stiff almost like there is no power steering at all, stiff turning to the ri...

2013 Citroen DS3 1.6 Hdi
Posted: Nov 24, 2020
Kuga 2015 radio not working

Radio not woking no audio no display no audio from hands free

2015 Ford Kuga titanium
Posted: Nov 24, 2020
Electrical problems

yesterday the airbag light turned on, and the heater fan will not start, the headlights will not switch to full and I ca...

2009 Ford Mondeo 2.0TDI
Posted: Nov 24, 2020
Wont start

Turning the key, I just get a click

2004 Mini Cooper automatic
Posted: Nov 24, 2020
Fuel consumption gauge erratic

Fuel consumption gauge indicator is fluctuating up & down erratically

2012 Seat Altea 1-6td xl
Posted: Nov 23, 2020
New battery fitted, alternator works fine but battery won't keep its charge, battery checked as ok so something is draining the power

Found battery dead, had new battery fitted, same happened within a week, changed battery to larger one, same thing happe...

2015 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4
Posted: Nov 21, 2020
No start, no dash lights. Battery good, radio & lights work.

Without warning, the vehicle will not start. The battery is good, the lights and radio work as expected, the central loc...

2011 Skoda Octavia 2 litre diesel Octavia Scout
Posted: Nov 18, 2020
Car Alarm initiates, for no apparent reason, hours after locking up car.

Car alarm keeps going off sparodicaly after locking up car. Can be hours after locking up. Not consistent. Having to dis...

2002 Ford Galaxy 2.3 ltr Ghia
Posted: Nov 15, 2020
Radio aerial antenna amplifier diversity location

I'm trying to find areial antenna amplifier diversity location. My key fob not working

2010 BMW 1 Series 118d 2.0
Posted: Nov 15, 2020
Starting problems

Noticed a funny sort of screeching noise a few weeks ago when starting car,car wouldn't start this morning despite every...

2011 Ford Fiesta Fiesta titanuim
Posted: Nov 14, 2020
Central heater controls, entertainment section and screen intermittently turn off and back on again repeatedly sometimes affecting the power steering too.

I've had the car about a year and occasionally the central heater/entertainment pod will just cut out, lights, radio and...

2013 Vauxhall Astra 1.6T SRI GTC
Posted: Nov 12, 2020
No dashboard indication and central locking not working

Central locking not working on the remote . No dashboard information at all and radio stays on when ignition is turned o...

2009 Ford Mondeo 1.6
Posted: Nov 11, 2020
No stop/ not working

car still running when stopped/eco switch lit up does nothing

2012 Peugeot 308 1.6 hdi
Posted: Nov 8, 2020
Central locking not working

Key fob not operating door locks, but 4 way flashers flash. Tried re-synchronising key, still not working. Manual lockin...

2007 Chevrolet Kalos sx
Posted: Nov 8, 2020
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