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Using key fob to open car ok. When locked by key fob alarm noise goes off few minutes later

When opening car with key fob ok. When locked with key fob sets alarm off few minutes later. Locked manually is OK. Why is this?

2016 1.2
Posted: Dec 9, 2023
Engine running rough and low on power at top of the rev range

Acceleration down, top end down, struggling on hills, started after cold weather

2013 Sport
Posted: Dec 8, 2023
Hi there pl, could u help ,got problem with my ds3 hdi spirt not starting in mornings and through the day ,haldords told me ut was battery ,got new1 ,still helping,garage said starter motor had that changed ,and uts still the same

Not starting first time ,once it start goes well ,some days she takes 7 attempts change battery, and starter motor, still not starting

2010 Citroen ds3 sport
Posted: Nov 30, 2023
Windscreen wipers and headlights problem

When turn engine off, headlights start flashing and wipers start going (they are turned off)

2011 1.4
Posted: Nov 6, 2023
Digital panel no display

The display screen does not come on immediately, can’t use heaters, radio, and reverse parking sensor etc

2019 Cross back
Posted: Nov 5, 2023
Radio display

I've only had the car a couple of days but the time and date flashes constantly. I reset it and as soon as I turn the engine off and restart it does the same again. Also when flicking through the menu...

2012 Dstyle +E HDI
Posted: Nov 4, 2023
Engine temperature warning light

Warning to stop, engine temperature fault temperature went to red and fan came on

2013 1.6
Posted: Oct 30, 2023
Stiff steering

The esp /abs light and steering warning light is on got a fault code 0047 and d321h/54049 any ideas

2013 1.6 Hdi
Posted: Oct 25, 2023
Water in passenger footwell after rain

Passenger side front and rear footwell is wet and going mouldy… strong smell too. Could this be any drain hole blocked. If so where would they be? Thanks

2012 DS3
Posted: Oct 24, 2023
02 sensor replaced, still showing eml on that sensor

Had mot and new sensor replaced, the garage said the sensor is still showing that that sensor is at fault but also showing it has been replaced?

2013 Sport thp
Posted: Oct 16, 2023
CarPlay audio stutter

When using Apple CarPlay the audio from the phone will skip or stutter anywhere between every minute and every 5 minutes - any ideas?

2016 1.2
Posted: Sep 23, 2023
Wipers won't turn off

Wipers won't turn off even with key out of ignition, the only way to turn them off is by pulling the fuse out when they are in park position. After i put the fuse back in they will stayed turned off ...

2014 1.6
Posted: Sep 22, 2023
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