Vauxhall Vectra Spark Plugs Problems

Problems mentioning the Spark Plugs on the Vauxhall Vectra
Oil and engin sound lumpy

Every time i start my car for a few minutes my car sounds lumpy untill i move it eith foward or backwards. I have recently changed the spark plugs but i have not changed the leads. Could they need changing? Also when i'm drivng normaly in ...

2000 1.6 8-valve envoy
Posted: Jun 5, 2008

good starter ten a couple of days ago got in it went about a mile parked up when returned tried to start but just spluttered then nothing got told it was fuel pump so replaced that also spark plugs but the same thing still happening anyone ...

1998 1.8 arctic
Posted: Dec 12, 2009

when the car is cold she runs great but when shes warm she starts missing as though shes only running on 3 cylinders until i pick up speed its mainly 1,2,3 gears now a light is on on the dash board,ive put new spark plugs,oil,oilfilter,petr...

2000 1.6lsi
Posted: Mar 5, 2010
NO power on start up

lately on start up, the car starts first time but has NO power to move it takes about 5 minutes to warm up before kicking in. Even then it sometimes shudders and the power dies, New spark plugs have been put in. Had a "diagnostic" test a...

1999 sr i
Posted: Mar 23, 2010
Problem starting

hi i am having problems starting my car it takes about 10 seconds before it starts i have changed the fuel filter spark plugs and cam sensor as that was the fault code that came up but its still the same i was wondering if it could be...

2000 1.8 auto
Posted: Apr 19, 2010
Engine cutting out and rev counter waving

every now and then as i am driving my engine cuts out the rev couter starts waving around the power steering goes off and I am able to restart my engine whilst driving which makes the engine light on the dashboard come on and then I am able...

1999 sri
Posted: Jun 16, 2010
Management light comes on and miss firing

My car is playing up. When its been left overnight it drives normal,but as soon as the temp gets close to 90 the management light comes on and it starts back firing.Took it to a garage and they said could be spark plugs,so i bought new 1s, ...

1999 120 sri
Posted: Sep 3, 2010
Service light always on

have the car almost a year now with no probs but yesterday and 2 day the car is starting but once you stop it will not start again for about an hour or so have checked all the normal parts like leads and spark plugs but getting nowere the s...

2001 1.8
Posted: Feb 13, 2011
Not sparking

car not sparking on number 3 cylinder changed coil pack and changed spark plugs no change. engine light came on after car being driven 5 mins and now on all the time.

1999 1.8 sri
Posted: Apr 25, 2011

when the car is cold she runs great but when shes warm she starts missing until i pick up speed its mainly 1,2,3,4 gears now a light comes on the dash board once the car temp hits half way, mostly when you take your foot off the accelerat...

1998 1.6 LSi
Posted: Oct 14, 2011
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