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My car is jumping like a kangaroo. First it was only doing it in second gear, but now, second and third. Only does it after car been parked up few hours.

2008 1.8
Posted: May 3, 2022
Rattling loud noise from engine

Rattling noise from engine that gets faster as rpm go faster.

2006 2.2 SRI
Posted: Feb 19, 2022
1.8l Lost 5th gear while driving any suggestions on problem

Lost power when I put it in 5th gear while driving on the motorway. Any idea on what could be the problem and how to resolve it

2006 1.8 petrol
Posted: Jan 17, 2022
Vectors 1-9Cdti going into limp mode,spanner light on

Hand book says water in diesel filter,have drained it and replaced the diesel filter,drives ok for about 5 miles then goes into limp mode,any ideas

2006 1-9cdti
Posted: Oct 16, 2021
The tailgate locks / releases electrically but if using the key it just revolves and does nothing.

If I use the key in the tailgate lock it just revolves but doesn't operate the lock either unlocking or locking.

1997 Artic 16V
Posted: Oct 2, 2021
Sinking pedal

brake pedal sinks to the floor no brakes when running . tried all I can think of can you please help thank you .

2008 1.8 tdi
Posted: Oct 1, 2021
Engine cuts off in the middle of a drive

the engine will just turn off . but will restart with no problems . tis will happen maybe twice a week.

2007 z18xer
Posted: Sep 8, 2021
Vectra c 2008 1.8 SRI - Engine / emissions light on, (Yellow engine shaped light, not spanner)

MOT pass just a couple of days ago now, Engine/emissions light has come on (the yellow one, looks like an engine). And I've noticed at idle car is fine, giving a bit of gas to 1000-200rpm feels sluggi...

2008 1.8 SRI
Posted: Aug 22, 2021
Spanner service light on when engine running

about a week ago i had an engine management light come on read it with my code reader and it gave fault as air leak. reset code left for some time did not come on again but now the spanner through car...

2009 1.9 cdti
Posted: Jun 14, 2021
Clocks and dials do not work

speedo and other clocks no longer working and no lights on dashboard

2004 1.9 cdti
Posted: Jun 1, 2021
Smoke from exhaust

After driving for a while when engine hot sometimes I get a funny smell like carbon ,then smoke comes out of the back of exhaust and under the car . Then is clears it self and it’s fine again. Email...

2007 1.9
Posted: May 20, 2021
Stop and start

Disconnect battery , starts first time, turn of ignition what awhile car won't start, disconnect battery and connect battery starts fine.

2008 Petrol
Posted: Feb 10, 2021
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