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Multi media center is blank

does not turn on when starting engine

2021 van
Posted: Oct 5, 2021
New turbo

Fitted new turbo.. After 500 yards engine revved out of control... killed ignition but engine kept running.. now blowing smoke out and not revving past 2500 rpm.. and we turbo blowing oil out...HELP

2015 Combo ecoflex
Posted: Sep 9, 2021
Cant find tools

Unable to locate jack kit and tools in my combo van. Upon searching it seems they should be located in the side panel but unable to find them

2016 1.3 cdti
Posted: Aug 4, 2021
Engine management light comes on garage can't find any faults

Vauxhall main dealer can't find any fault why engine light keeps coming on

2017 1.6 td
Posted: Jul 4, 2021
Many electrical faults lane assist problems stop start not working radio problems many more

every thin g you can think of

2018 108 td
Posted: Jul 1, 2021
Hard to start just keeps turning over not firing up not all the time but been doing for 3month now 2017 75000 m 1.6 cdti combo

Keeps turning over not firing up can happen any time hot or cold but not all the time

2017 1.6cdti
Posted: Jun 17, 2021
Gear selection

Hi I have a 2004 1.7 Vauxhall combo,while driving the gear stick went all loose and when I tried to find the gears it was pretty much impossible tried 5th think it went into 2nd. Is this a gear linkag...

2004 1.7 dci
Posted: May 8, 2021
Loss of power

Starts fine, runs great for a mile or so then loss of power, switch it off starts again runs great then does the same , anyone got any ideas?

2010 1.3 cdti
Posted: Apr 1, 2021
Black smoke clouds

I have 2012 combo it has loss of power and black smoke at the same time. Any idea what could be the problem? Vauxhall advised new egr unit and quoted me £1700 for the part £400 labour plus 😔😥....

2012 1.3 cdti
Posted: Mar 22, 2021
Engine running rough

Won’t start when cold then engine hunting for few seconds then fine

2015 1.3
Posted: Mar 9, 2021
Diesel leakage under engine

Small diesel spillage under engine right hand side , no signs of spillage around injectors recently had alternator changed leaked since work done

2064 1.7
Posted: Feb 18, 2021
2016 combo 1300 diesel ,fitted a new battery ,van now starts but dash completely blank

new batt fitted it now starts and everything works but dashbord completly blank fuel gauge/temp gauge rev counter and all warning lights not working radio works and all lights work but not dash

2016 1.3 diesel
Posted: Jan 13, 2021
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