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Engine fault, have the vehicle repaired warning

I keep getting this warning when I switch the engine on

2013 Active 1200cc
Posted: Sep 27, 2021
Frequently failing coil packs and spark plugs on Peugeot 208

Hi, I have a Peugeot 208 xy model 2013 plate. Over the last 5 months numerous spark plugs and coil packs have gone and it's happening more frequently, within a few days of being replaced. Garage isn...

2013 XY
Posted: Sep 19, 2021
Slight noise when first engaging the accelerator pedal.

Not sure if it’s a problem or not but l had the bonnet open and l noticed when l revved the car there was a slight air noise that lasted all of 1 second and then it goes, happens every time l put my...

2018 1.2 vti
Posted: Sep 17, 2021
Gear box warning fault

I have a semi automatic, it randomly decides not to start. On the touch screen a warning message comes up saying "Gear box fault, get repaired". The car will not start, when I leave the car for a per...

2013 1.4 E HDI
Posted: Jul 8, 2021
Electric mirrors wont open or shut when i lock the car

The NS stops folding , I can reset it by using the engine running and pressing the lock button on the key with the the centre back retract button on the door. and they both work ok. But after a period...

2017 1.6 16v gt
Posted: Jun 22, 2021
Touchscreen problems

My touchscreen keeps going blank and not working when starting the car. I have taken the fuse out and put back in and it worked. Now had the same problem again so replaced the fuse and it hasn't worke...

2013 1.2
Posted: Jun 17, 2021
Why does my car keep jerking then cut out

Showing no faults on diagnostic machine,battery only a Yr old via rac,spark plugs been changed yet still continues been in and out off garage every day for past week yet not resolved any help would be...

2015 1.2
Posted: Jun 16, 2021
Engine light flashing and loud fan on

Hi, The engine management light comes on flashing and the fan comes on loud, it varies, sometimes it comes on for 30 seconds, sometimes 6 minutes, sometimes not at all, as soon as the fan goes off, th...

2014 active
Posted: May 24, 2021
Power Wing mirror not working

Hi help please. Drivers side wing mirror It has not been hit clipped or knocked. Locked the car earlier mirrors fold in fine. Go to jump in the car passenger side mirror works fine drivers side mir...

2013 Xy
Posted: May 3, 2021
Energy accumulater

Had dignostic on card code p1a9c is showing energy accumulater

2015 208 1.4 hdi
Posted: Mar 22, 2021
Peugeot 208 gti sensor problem

Hi any help greatly appreciated. I have a issue with engine management light that comes on and off regularly. The light will come on one day and not the next. It's been to two garages one had no ...

2013 Gti
Posted: Mar 2, 2021
Wet boot

Floor covering in boot soaking wet

2017 Allure
Posted: Feb 26, 2021
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