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Starter Motor Owner Problems
Starter Motor List shows owner problems submitted to AutoInsider where Starter Motor was mentioned in the description of the problem.
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Car Owner Starter Motor Problems
Elect Windows (front) not working

Following starter motor replacement, after reconnecting battery terminal, electric Windows will not work (both driver an...

2004 Vauxhall Zafira
Posted: Apr 13, 2016
Losing power

car going into limp home mode while driving. We have carried out repairs on the car replacing brakes and discs. We have ...

2009 Vauxhall Antara 1.6
Posted: Mar 6, 2016
Engine cuts out

the car will start but can cut out straight away or drive normal then cut out mins later or hours later. it sometimes ha...

2003 Vauxhall Signum 3.2 elite
Posted: Mar 2, 2016


2000 Renault Laguna
Posted: Feb 29, 2016
Starting problems

My car will start perfectly every time from cold. If I take it on a short journey, stop it for 10 or 15 minutes and then...

2006 Vauxhall Meriva 1.7 diesel
Posted: Feb 8, 2016
Trouble starting the engine when is cold out

I have a problem starting my car that manifested early winter last year. It takes a while to start it and won't start st...

2001 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0HDi
Posted: Jan 27, 2016

when driving with the headlights on and radio,wipers and heater on the electrics die slowly as in the lights dim the rad...

2001 MG ZR 160
Posted: Jan 16, 2016
Wont turn over

vauxhall vectra not turning over or reading diagnostic tester no warming light on the dash. battery working good star...

2003 Vauxhall Vectra
Posted: Jan 13, 2016

After standing(in the open) for a few days, The starter motor sometimes will not turn over, showing all the symptoms of ...

2008 Ford KA 1.3 Zetec
Posted: Dec 29, 2015
Starter motor

car wont turn over.thinking starter motor but might be something else.battery ok

2001 Vauxhall Astra 1600 sxi
Posted: Dec 28, 2015
Ignition not functioning.

Hello everyone. My Diesel C3 has a funny, intermittent ignition problem. The vehicle does not start. When turning the ke...

2006 Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.4 HDi
Posted: Dec 28, 2015
"Electronic Immobiliser Fault"

My car won't start... first some details: Car: Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi (04 plate) Dashboard Error Reading: Ele...

2004 Citroen Xsara Picasso 2.0 HDi
Posted: Nov 20, 2015

My car turns over very nicely with starter motor but only starts with a bump even with a 2 to 3 m distance. pulls well ...

1997 Peugeot 406 diesel
Posted: Oct 20, 2015
Leak of Fluid

I fitted a new starter motor on to my Vauxhall Vivaro van but it doesn't fully tighten on to the fixed nut on the pipe t...

2006 Vauxhall Vivaro
Posted: Oct 8, 2015
Engine Malfunction

I got the car with 40 something k miles on teh clock I drove 50 miles a day for 6+ months its up at 66+k now one day I w...

2011 Ford Focus TDCI 1.6
Posted: Sep 11, 2015
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