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Battery charging fault

Battery charging fault, stop vehicle messing displayed. Could this be alternator?

2015 Peugeot 2008 1.3
Posted: Dec 13, 2020
Keyless system some times shows key not detected

Several times when going to start the car the dash shows the key not detected & unable to start corrects itself after f...

2014 Citroen C4 grand picasso
Posted: Dec 10, 2020
2017 astra . message on screen says battery low , now in saver mode. no power

ignition system seems to have shut down, message on screen saying now in battery saver mode.

2017 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 turbo
Posted: Dec 8, 2020
Possible Sensor Issue

Since last night, the car alarm keeps blaring every few minutes. Upon investigation this morning, a message keeps showin...

2018 Vauxhall Astra 1.4 Turbo Petrol automatic
Posted: Dec 7, 2020
Warning lights light up

Hello, Warning lights sometimes flash 5 to 10 times, and stop. To be noticed that they don't do the tic-tic noise heard...

2002 Ford Focus 2.O Liter
Posted: Dec 6, 2020

I have a 2012 korando 2 litre, some times the power steering goes heavy. any ideas please ?

2012 Ssangyong Korando 2.0 exi
Posted: Dec 6, 2020
60 plate citroen c1 power steering light has suddenly come on - could it just need topping up ?

my wife has a 60 plate C1 that does on average 2000 miles a year the power steering light has just come on, can the powe...

2010 Citroen C1 VTR
Posted: Dec 6, 2020
Code UO184

Hi I changed my battery on my Vauxhall zafira tourer 2015 and now have a fault codeUO184 do anybody have any suggestions...

2015 Vauxhall Zafira 2.0 SRI
Posted: Dec 5, 2020
AII lights flicker when driving .

Whilst driving with full lights on, all lights constantly flicker. However at idle the light become stable and constant....

2005 Chrysler PT Cruiser Tourer
Posted: Dec 4, 2020
Car genie

My wife has a car genie from the AA we are gold joint members since 2006 with full cover " we have two cars but only alo...

2012 Toyota Yaris 1.2 automatic
Posted: Dec 3, 2020
Parking sensor issue

PARKING DISTANCE CONTROL MODULE 22810361 on the diagnostics said its faulty I have replaced the unit twice and it now sa...

2015 Vauxhall Zafira 20 SRI
Posted: Dec 3, 2020
Hard to start if it has not been run for a few days

Hard to start if it has not been started for 3 or 4 days .It seems like it takes ages to pump up the petrol.

1990 Peugeot 205 1800 petrol automaticit h
Posted: Dec 1, 2020
The centre consul entertainment screen ie phone radio music google maps screen has just gone blank and won’t work at all

The screen in the centre consul just stopped working. So no radio phone connection etc

2019 Vauxhall Corsa 1.4 sport
Posted: Dec 1, 2020
Speedo not working

took battery of to recharge it now speedo not working

2003 Mitsubishi Space Star elegence
Posted: Nov 30, 2020
Lights come on after 15m parking -> flat battery. High beam fuses out it takes 45m to come on -> flat battery.

15 min after parking the lights come on and the battery is flattened. If I remove the high beam fuses it takes 45 min to...

2003 Peugeot 307 2.0 petrol auto 5 door
Posted: Nov 30, 2020