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Electrical issues

I had the bonnet up checking the oil n water. Could just b a coincidence but when that was done n I drove it for the fir...

2004 Ford KA sublime
Posted: Nov 5, 2018
Won't Start - Potential Electrical problem

Wife changed to this car in May this year and after a super UK summer [doesn't happen too often], she has been having di...

2007 Peugeot 307 CC 2.0HPI Diesel
Posted: Sep 24, 2018
Cutting out

Hi my son has a 2008 1.2 zetec fiesta, when sat on tick over the revs drop as if it is missing also it has cut out on hi...

2008 Ford Fiesta 1.2 climate zetec
Posted: Sep 12, 2018
Power steering light shows and steering became stiff

My 2004 TOYOTA avensis with electric power steering. The power steering light just showed and the steering became stiff....

2004 Toyota Avensis T3s
Posted: Sep 8, 2018
Won't start immediately

I was trying to start my until the it's dead, I suspect the alternator because in the dashboard is written battery char...

1998 Peugeot 206
Posted: Sep 6, 2018
Triple Electrical failure

Heater Blower Motor, Indicators and Electric Windows all stopped working at the same time whilst driving - ie: loads of ...

2002 Ford Fiesta Mark 5
Posted: Sep 1, 2018
No power

Wen I drive and put power down it’s as if there is no power and there is a feel of resistance in the engine like there...

2003 Seat Leon 1.4
Posted: Aug 14, 2018
Disscharging battery and battery light on but not alternator

car discharging battery and battery light on but problem is not alternator

2006 Mercedes Benz C Class 2.1 cdi auto
Posted: Aug 11, 2018
Charging fault after clutch change

Hi all, I've just replaced the clutch in a 2006 xsara Picasso 1.6 petrol and its developed a charging fault. The batte...

2006 Citroen Xsara Picasso 1.6 petrol
Posted: Jul 11, 2018

hi,my sons headlights bulbs keep blowing brought 3 or 4 this year any idea to solve problem please

2010 Ford Focus 1.6 tdci
Posted: Jul 3, 2018

hi,have a noise coming from the left side of engine (as looking at it from the front ) i think its something to do with...

2009 Ford Mondeo 2.0 tdci titanium
Posted: Jun 23, 2018
Battery keeps on going flat

Hello all, Recently bought a Meriva. As the title says the battery keeps on going flat. If I charge it up it usuall...

2007 Vauxhall Meriva 1.7 CDTI
Posted: Jun 22, 2018
Eps light on and no power steering HELP

Changed bulbs in dash and now no eps. Light is on. Wondering if I've knocked the angle sensor. Can you calibrat it? Need...

2004 Vauxhall Corsa 1.2 sxi 2004
Posted: May 20, 2018
Flat battery

new battery alternator fine but battery goes flat if car not run for a few days have been told radio problem can the rad...

2007 Vauxhall Astra 1.6 vvt i
Posted: May 18, 2018
Battery light

My battery light goes on and off itermedit so i called AA he checked battery and alternator both fine so booked it into ...

2011 Ford Fiesta 1.2 zetec
Posted: May 9, 2018
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