Peugeot 308 Alternator Problems

Problems mentioning the Alternator on the Peugeot 308
Front Suspension Knocking

I purchased the 308 in June 09 with 35,000 miles, within 2 months I reported knocking noise from front o/s wheel. Since then vehicle has been back to Peugeot on number of occasions,they have replace b...

2007 1.6 HDI SE
Posted: Dec 27, 2010
Car not starting

Recently after serving my car, I have had problems starting the car, then jump starts then its fine. But suddenly today after coming and decide to go out it wont start. I hear clicking sound when tryi...

2008 1.6 Auto
Posted: Jul 18, 2013
Engine wont start

engine wont start without jump and then it tells you to stop as there is a brake problem,you can drive about 500 yds then it comes to a halt again rev couter goes crazy

2008 1.6s
Posted: Oct 13, 2015
Stop/Start not engaging

The stop/start mode is not engaging on my 2012 Peugeot 308,it was working up to a few days ago but not now,the ECO light flashes but then stops,

2012 1.6 HDI Diesel Automatic
Posted: Oct 31, 2015
Car sometimes doesn't start

This video shows the issue (ignore the pulsating lights, it's just my phone camera doing that) Every now and then, my car refuses to start. It'll work fi...

Posted: Aug 27, 2019
Electronic screen keeps blacking out

The on board computer screen for radio, sat nav, air con etc goes blank for a few seconds and then suddenly springs back into life

2016 SW 1.2 AUTO
Posted: Oct 16, 2020
Main display screen has started powering down and then resetting on a cycle

The main display screen resets (flickers/implodes off, goes black, then the Peugeot logo come on before come back on. It is then re-acquiring satellites as seems to drop prior setting. Its on a regul...

2016 1.2 Active puretech manual
Posted: Oct 19, 2020
Touch Screen

Whilst driving the touch screen has just started switching itself off, 10sec, then back on again. This can happen every 5 to15mins. All systems are affected. As an addition the right hand speaker some...

2016 SW diesel
Posted: Oct 21, 2020
Engine cutting out

Engine cutting out soon as I drive then will start after few seconds. Also problem appeared after both keys stopped working for locking and unlocking until I manually open and start car first after th...

2009 1.6hdi
Posted: Apr 23, 2021
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