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Locking issue/fault

My cental locking works, sounds normal on the all doors, once locked driver and back doors remain locked unable to gain entry, however when you pull on the front passenger handle it unlocks the entire...

2008 Tdi
Posted: Oct 14, 2021
Fan keeps running when engine is turned off

fan keeps running when engine is turned off heater works fie radiator stays cold even after long run

2009 1.4
Posted: Oct 8, 2021
Occassional lack of power when accelerating

Hello I have a 308 SW with EAT6 auto gearbox. The issue I am experiencing is an intermittent one concerning lack of power when stopped or after slowing down for left or right hand turns. This does not...

2017 1.2 PureTech 130 Allure 5dr EAT6
Posted: Oct 4, 2021
Anti pollution fault message, oil can light on red stop message

Anti pollution fault message Oil can light on Red stop message The car is running absolutely fine no power loss, no knocking from engine. Engine is very quiet and ticks over fine. Acceleration is go...

2010 1.6 THP 156 petrol cc
Posted: Sep 3, 2021
Reversing Light Colour Wires

my reverse lights do nt work i ve checked the switch on the gaer box and the lamps are ok but where is the fuse for them?

2008 1.6 hdi
Posted: Aug 30, 2021
Hi my 2010 308 1.6hdi. Was driving great today but went to start it up and dash lights blinking on and off with anti pollution fault and antitheft system fault. Not turning over at all.

I drive the car about 3 miles and drove fine. I parked up for 1 hour. But when returned to start up I got dash lights blinking and clicking and not power. Also displaying’antitheft system fault’ a...

2010 1.6hdi
Posted: Aug 26, 2021
DPF Filter/eolys pump Fault

Hi I have recently taken my car to the garage, where they diagnosed that the DPF filter was 100% clogged and that the Eolys Pump was not functioning. Having just paid quite a large sum of money in th...

2012 1.6HDI
Posted: Aug 25, 2021
Engine cooling fan keeps going everytime I switch the car off

Here's the content from the problem you were reading Hello, Can you please help I think something maybe seriously wrong with my Peugeot 407. If I drive the car for 5 mins or more and then turn off the...

2009 1.6 petrol
Posted: Aug 20, 2021
No lh rear lights at all

All bulbs ok connections clean. Whole lighting unit is dead.

2009 1.6 diesel
Posted: Aug 17, 2021
Wont engage gear after 3 gear

Hi there my Peugeot 308 it wont go past 3rd gear and switch into4,5,6 . I've changed the transmission oil but it's still the same.

2009 16
Posted: Jul 29, 2021
Depollution system failure

The engine is overheating We came to Towyn from Leigh. Not rum it until yesterday. Started it up and smoke was coming from under the bonnet.

2007 1.6 vti
Posted: Jul 16, 2021
Seat memory loss

The seat memory buttons have suddenly stopped working, Tried what it says in the handbook No difference

2014 Cc
Posted: Jun 29, 2021
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