Citroen C4 Gearbox Problems

Problems mentioning the Gearbox on the Citroen C4
Car wont start

Hello evrrybody. Sorey for My bad english 1.problem - when i give contact with the key, all the Lights wanish, And the click sound appears. Two days ago Ive replaced acomulator/car battery. It work...

2007 1.6 HDI
Posted: Aug 21, 2018
Intermission warning fault gearbox

Can run sometimes for a week or so then go and switch ingnition on bleep and warning fault gearbox can't start car

2010 1:6 hdi vtr + auto
Posted: Apr 1, 2020
Gear box faulty

Turn on ignition wait for pre check to Finnish foot on brake start engine. Select reverse gearbox fault warning shows.

2009 1.6 auto
Posted: Jul 1, 2020

Hi,my Citroen c4 grand Picasso, had a gearbox replaced, then drove for sometime,I noticed that the fan kicks on after some kilometers, I took it to my Mec,after checking opening the water,pipes the M...

2009 1.6 hdl
Posted: Sep 24, 2020

I have a Citroen Picasso which starts. You can put it in gear but makes a grating sound. Once in gear the car wont move

2009 Diesel
Posted: Feb 3, 2021
Citroen C 4 Picasso 2007 2.0 Automatic Petrol wont Start Dash lights are on no noise when trying to Start

Hya Had to call Breakdown as Car would not Start turn key no noise nothing Dash light up, it's a New Battery, could not Check the Car as had no Diagnostic Tester with him, so got Car Home called Mobil...

2007 Picasso
Posted: Feb 23, 2021
Have no sound from the dashboard

I have no sound from the dashboard - reverse sensor, safety belt, Turn signal... The lights and the honk are working. What could it be?

2008 1.6
Posted: Jun 28, 2021
Automatic gearbox does not accept the D mode

Hi, I have a Citroen c4 year 2005, automatic gearbox. A coupe of weeks ago, I was driving and suddenly noticed that there is no acceleration when I push the accelerator pedal. The cor stopped, and I t...

2005 1.6
Posted: Jul 21, 2021
Gearbox handbrake lights up

starts ok runs for in auto as long as i dont have to brake if i brake at lights will pull away in first gear(auto) i then stop turn off ignition then restart runs perfectly through the gears untill ...

2009 1.6
Posted: Jul 26, 2021
Gearbox jerking while driving (usually cold weather)

Gearbox jerking started around 140k km. Sometimes jerking would starts during acceleration and cause engine to sputter and cause excessive engine trembling with "Check Engine" light goes "On". After ...

2011 1.6 AT
Posted: Aug 12, 2021
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