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Battery charge fault

Hi there last night I have noticed on the dashboard battery charge fault it's first time I don't change since 2021 April battery please let me know what happens

2017 1.2
Posted: Dec 3, 2023
Emission fault air loss. 07e8 code

I have the engine light on with the service and urea. The tank of add blue is almost full I checked the urea injector and is almost clean . Eoil tank almost full too. On diagnostic the code is 07e8 wh...

2016 1.6 blue hdi
Posted: Dec 2, 2023
Can’t open drivers door via Bluetooth method

Can’t unlock drivers door using Bluetooth method

2018 1.2 Petrol
Posted: Nov 26, 2023
Engine not starting, touch screen not coming on

Central locking works, wing mirrors won`t open, touch screen not coming on, engine not switching on (noticed brake pedal quite firmer than usual) Tried switching the radio on, screen and radio came on...

2015 Picasso Blue HDI 1.6
Posted: Nov 18, 2023
Indicators blinking to fast

Indicators blinking to fast just bought the car and it has a tow bar can't figure it out , and all my lights work ok

2016 1.6hdi
Posted: Nov 4, 2023
Automatic c4 1 st to 2 nd gear clunk

Changing from 1st to 2 nd automatic gearbox there is a clunk maybe rear end

2007 1.6
Posted: Oct 29, 2023
I can remotely unlock the car from 30 feet away but the door mirrors wont fold out and the car wont start on the button

the car will unlock on the central locking but the mirrors wont fold out and the boot wont open on the power assist but will open manually. once in the car the ignition wont come live the stearing loc...

2016 1.6
Posted: Oct 26, 2023
Indicators blinking to quick but all lights working on the car

Can't figure out what is the reason why my indicators are blinking to fast and all lights on the car are working

2016 1.6 hdi blue
Posted: Oct 8, 2023
Car makes a noise when idling in drive or when reversing and taking off but the noise dissapears after reaching around 30km/hr or leave it to idle in neutral

The car makes a noise from the engine. The wierd noise is only heard if i leave the car idling in D (drive) or when i am reversing and on take off until reaching speed of 30km/hr. However the noise is...

2006 1.6
Posted: Oct 3, 2023
Headlights and registration plate lights not working

The service light and a beep come on when the car is started. The headlights and registration plate lights won’t come on at all. The DRL’s, full beam and fog lights work fine. So when driving, it�...

2014 Picasso
Posted: Sep 27, 2023
M- on dashboard

M- on dashboard instead of N ( Neutral) car wont start

2014 Grand Picaso
Posted: Sep 20, 2023
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