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4 Blinker don't stop after pull out the key

Hi, recently I bought an Aixam a721 but when you go to pull out the key the 4 blinker don't stop what could be? And the speedometer doesn't work to...

2004 Aixam A A721
Posted: Oct 29, 2023
Drivers seat


2008 Aixam Crossline Crossline super luxe
Posted: Aug 16, 2023
Car starts engine runs stuttery stop engine won't start again changed coil crank shaft sensor changed battery HT leads

Car difficult to start when started a bit lumpy then I runs sweet changed coil crank shaft sensor battery HT leads and spark plugs when I turn engine off won't start

2013 Aixam Crossover Gtr
Posted: May 20, 2023

I got the car home, it went perfectly, I parked it, I put it in neutral, and later when I wanted to leave, the car wouldn't let me start the engine, as if it didn't feel like it was in neutral, when I...

2008 Aixam Crossline 0.5 21hp
Posted: Feb 11, 2023
Speed counter not revving up

Speed counter isn’t revving up

2005 Aixam 500.5 Aixam super luxe
Posted: Nov 16, 2022
Car jumps

Car jumps when I pull away then it's fine.until I stop and pull away again

2009 Aixam Crossline 0.5
Posted: Oct 21, 2021
Car jumps when you pull away

Put the car in drive pull away and the car jumps then you can drive away

2009 Aixam Crossline Petrol aixam crossline Super luxe
Posted: Sep 26, 2021
Electric windows not sealing against rubber

When the electric windows are raised they do not come in contact with the roof rubbers, nor do they have full contact with the side rubbers causing water ingress to the car when washing or when rainin...

2007 Aixam Scouty (convertable) diesel
Posted: Nov 24, 2020
High fuel consumption and poor starting

Starts after around 3 - 5 turns of the key, and only gives around 20 miles per gallon. Also has a noisy belt, maybe alternator belt. Just bought the car from a dealer who said it had been serviced.

2016 Aixam Crossover GTR
Posted: Aug 23, 2020
Car cuts out when driving

Car cuts out wait a few minutes and will start drive normal cuts out no pattern. changes coil fuel pump remove tank change engine speed sensor. No codes present Try to read with snap on obd no c...

2015 Aixam Crossover
Posted: Oct 2, 2019

When driving and accelerating it sputters and losses power? Any suggestions.

2008 Aixam Crossover
Posted: Jan 10, 2018
Charger not charging batteries when they are low

These units are Mega City Electric Cars with 12 X 12 V Lead Acid batteries in a combination of Parallel and Series. I have 2 of these Mega City Electric Cars and they both have the same issue. When th...

2007 Aixam 500.5 Mega City Electric
Posted: Jun 3, 2013
Battery Pack's not holding Charge

I have bought a 2007 Year Mega City Electric Car which has only done circa 3000 Miles. Due to this lack of use the Batteries of which there are twelve Lead Acid units have been left uncharged for some...

2007 Aixam 500.5 Mega City Electric Car
Posted: Apr 21, 2013