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Engine failure hazard. Vauxhall vivaro 1.6diesel. Van overheating, no error codes

Every 8 mins the van overheats and has a engine failure hazard light on the dash, we keep bleeding the air out but the problem still persist we have had all the air taken out by vauxhall but problem k...

2017 1.6
Posted: May 25, 2022
Esc hillstart assist abs light on

All sensors new and new discs and pads all round

2015 Sportive
Posted: May 3, 2022
Misfire after restart when warm

My 2009 vivaro runs and starts perfectly until i stop when warm then it will misfire like its got air in the system for about a min then run perfectly again until i turn it off again. Its never a prob...

2009 van
Posted: Apr 29, 2022
Red stop light on dash

loosing water stopped immedeatly

2016 1.6
Posted: Apr 26, 2022
Hi glow plug light and car and spaner light flash on and of then stay on then will cut out when driving

glow plug light and car and spaner light flash on and off then stay on then it will cut the engine out when driving

2014 van 2.0 l
Posted: Apr 19, 2022
Check esc

Check esc light on

2016 1.6cdti
Posted: Apr 12, 2022
Just bought 2018 Vivaro 16cdti starts up fine no smoke but after half a mile white smoke comes out of Exhaust No power loss .

Just bought a Vivaro white smoke coming out of exhaust after about half a mile no loss of power..?

2018 Cdti
Posted: Apr 2, 2022
Coolant blowing off from header tank after travelling circa 10 miles. Water pump, radiator and thermostat changed to no avail!!! 2015 Vivaro 1.6. Where should I investigate next, does anyone have a suggestion please?

Water blowing off via pressure cap. Radiator, water pump, thermostat and water gas/ head gasket check clear but problem still present!!! Where should I investigate next?

2015 1.6 cdti
Posted: Mar 30, 2022
Power steering fault

Last October my power steering pump stopped working. Went to the garage and I've been told that apparently is poor design of the van and where the pump is situated water dripping directly on to the ...

2015 1.6cdti
Posted: Mar 6, 2022
My heater are not working in hot or cold

My heating vents on my van do g blow air at all not cold or hot

2017 Vivaro
Posted: Mar 2, 2022
Warning lights

glow plug light coming on with engine management light goes into safe mode turn key on/off ok for little while then happens again

2008 19CDti
Posted: Feb 25, 2022
Anti pollution warning

Just collected the Vivaro from the garage today after the warning light came on a few days and the garage replaced the battery but now it’s on again after about 350 miles of motorway driving. Can it...

2016 1.6 Biturbo
Posted: Feb 22, 2022
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