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Spluttering when starting

Had the timing chain changed new water pump head gasket head skimmed now got a problem starting it coughs and splutters once going runs fine idles fine turn it off it starts fine it only happens when ...

2006 1.4 petrol twinport
Posted: Oct 18, 2021
Infotainment display not working no sounds or clicks

No clicking from the indicator and no head up display also no radio

2011 1.4
Posted: Oct 13, 2021
Gears stiff to change

When trying to change to 3rd and 5th gear to is stiff and sometimes won't go into gear.

2019 1.4
Posted: Oct 9, 2021
Intermittent problem changing gear from 1 to 2 cannot get into gear.

Having problems changing from 1st to 2nd gear. Car will not engage with 2nd gear.

2011 Meriva Excite BC11
Posted: Oct 8, 2021
Meriva clutch pedal no pressure

Pedal suddenly no pressure, can't change gear. Then corrects itself, then same thing happens again.

2013 1.4
Posted: Oct 3, 2021
Battery light stuck on,remote won't open doors,

Battery light on central locking locks but it won't unlock on remote Air bag light on boot will not ooen Battery runs flat New battery a alternator fitted but problem still exists also had ecu checke...

2011 1.75
Posted: Oct 1, 2021
Cuts out when driving

The car always starts fine then cuts out while driving. It usually will not start again straight away (has done a couple of times) but usually starts again after waiting ten minutes or more. The error...

2011 S Ac Cdti
Posted: Sep 30, 2021
The parking brake come on when I change into third gear and stops the car

When driving and I change gear into third the electric parking brake comes on and stops the car

2002 1.4
Posted: Aug 28, 2021
Won’t start, ‘service vechicle soon’ light comes on

So try to start the car and the lights comes on and won’t start

2010 1.4
Posted: Aug 21, 2021
Stuttering at slow speeds

Stuttering when accelerating in the lower gears

2017 1.4
Posted: Aug 18, 2021
Faulty Power Steering

The power steering has begun turning itself on while I am driving. The only way to 'unlock' it is to stop as quickly as I can, turn the engine off, and then restart the car. Having arthritic hands, ...

2004 1.6
Posted: Aug 18, 2021
Not holding in drive when hill starting meriva 04 automatic

In fact dosnt hold even on a slight slope. 1000 revs idle but drops when in drive

2004 Life
Posted: Aug 2, 2021
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