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The rattle seems to be on the under carriage when engine has been running for a while

2014 1.4
Posted: Sep 20, 2023
Speed limit 16 mph

Car slowing down then picking up

2014 Jam
Posted: Sep 13, 2023
Engine cooling fan on all the time

Just bought this car and after using the Aircon 3 days ago, the engine cooling fan has been activated most of the time, when car should not be too hot.

2015 Rocks Air 1.2
Posted: Sep 12, 2023
Engine shuddering when idol

When car engine is running but is idol for example in traffic or at lights for longer than a few minutes the engine begins to shudder and service warning light appears. However, if I tap the accelerat...

2019 energised
Posted: Sep 9, 2023
Intermittent total cut out while driving

While driving everything just cut out. No warning or particular conditions.Started again straight away

2017 1.4 slam
Posted: Sep 1, 2023
Tailgate issue

2016 Adam Rocks Air dashboard display showing rear access is open when it isn't and boot light staying on permanently?

2016 Rocks Air
Posted: Aug 26, 2023
Problem gear shift

My daughters Adam is having exactly the same intermittent problem. At first it happened on a long 2 hour journey. Luckily she managed to pull into a service station. After 3 hours off the car being s...

2016 1.2
Posted: Aug 20, 2023
Clutch pedal not fully lifting back up

Hi - Can anyone help - seems like a really common problem. 2019 Adam with 12000 miles on the clock. The clutch pedal gradually got lower and lower until impossible to change gear. Lifted pedal up manu...

2019 1.2
Posted: Aug 18, 2023
I'm using loads of fuel iv got 1.4 vauxhall adam glam

The tick over is sounds like it's missing I had a full tank a fuel 1 days 2nd day down to quarter of a tank . Can you give me any ideas what's wrong

2013 Adam glam
Posted: Aug 15, 2023
Problem gear shift

I have been having problems with reverse and 1st. I have had new clutch and a new master cylinder and it's still not going into gear. This problem is intermittent some days works fine other days not. ...

2014 1.2
Posted: Aug 14, 2023
Battery keeps going flat

My car keeps going flat. I’ve taken it to the garage and they said when the car was put through the diagnostics it lit up but nothing was actually wrong! Didn’t look like a battery issue but overn...

2018 1.2 energised
Posted: Jul 31, 2023
Could not get my vauxhall adam to go into reverse.garage said no parts available so done a temporary repair which has affected gear changes from one to two

looking at video it looks like a piece of plastic has snapped.if i cant get the part from vauxhall where can i get it please

2013 1.3
Posted: Jul 1, 2023
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