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Oil leak at tensioner

hi, I have a steady oil leak coming from the chain tensioner, I have taken tensioner out ,fitted new o ring and replaced tensioner using some rta sealant but oil leak persists, I have done this twice now with no luck. Any other ideas I can ...

2001 1.8vvti
Posted: Mar 22, 2015

Bad oil leak. Someone mentioned it could be the o ring on timing chain tensioner. Can anyone tell me how hard a job this would be to replace it.

2001 1.8 VVTI
Posted: Feb 18, 2015
Indicator lights not working

When using turn indicator to turn either right or left the hazard lights come on .Someone mentioned it could be the relay, but i am not sure where i can find this as i have no manual. Any idea where i could find this or any other ideas?

2001 1,8 vvti
Posted: Jan 27, 2013
When pressing down on accelerator i get a clicking sound from the engine, if i release the accelerator it stops

I have recently bought a used toyota celica 2001 1.8 vvti. I have now noticed a clicking or popping sound from the engine when I press down on the accelerator. Not sure what this is and any help would be appreciated.

2001 1.8 vvti 140bhp
Posted: Mar 11, 2011
Heater blowing cold

The heater on my 2002 Celica is constantly blowing cold.Not ideal in this weather .Please help.

2002 1.8
Posted: Dec 22, 2010
Heated rear window not working

heated rear demister not working checked fuses ok checked element ok swithch appears to be working -lights up and a click can be heard from dash area (relay?) havent checked relay as cant locate it and handbook does not say where it ...

1997 1.8st
Posted: Nov 28, 2010
No Power and Miss-fire

I have a Toyota Supra 3.0 Auto Non Turbo. I've owned it for 7 years of trouble free motoring as my second car. Going to my garage to start it, it fires up imediately by has absolutely no power? It idles OK, but as soon as the throtle is pre...

1994 SUPRA 3.0 N/A auto
Posted: Feb 6, 2010
Automatic choke not working straight away at start-up, drinking petrol and jumps at low speed

Hi there, im having a bita trouble with my celica.. at start up the choke doesnt seem to come in unless i hold the revs at 2000rpm for a few seconds and even then when it does come in when u rev it the revs dip right down and the car just b...

1994 GT 202
Posted: Jan 31, 2010
Air flow meter problem

Hi. My air flow meter is broken and my car run so rich that sometimes after stoping can start engine again. So I m looking for any suggestion - like what to do if U cant find any anywhere!! Try to buy but noone has one. Is there any other ...

1992 ST185 Carlos Sainz
Posted: Sep 12, 2009
No compression from 4th spark plug

there is no compression from the 4th spark plug. i have changed plugs and leads and cleaned injectors but still no compression. i have been told it could either be a cracked piston, bent valve or the tappits need adjusting but dont know how...

1997 1.8 st auto
Posted: Mar 19, 2009

Unfortunatly i ran out of petrol (misjudged) managed to get petrol in, but car wont start, engine is turning over ok but just wont catch the ignition and start. Normally when i turn the ignition the management control light comes on but no...

1991 import
Posted: May 6, 2008
Engine keeps cutting out

start the car in the morning engine cuts out straight away then when it gets warm its normally ok just cuts out every now and then once engine is warm

1994 2.0 gt
Posted: Feb 17, 2008
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