Heater blowing cold

2002 Toyota Celica 1.8
Car: Toyota Celica
Year: 2002
Variant: 1.8
Categories: Leaks & Noises
The heater on my 2002 Celica is constantly blowing cold.Not ideal in this weather .Please help.
Problem added: Dec 22, 2010 (13 years ago)
Provided the coolant level and temp gauge are normal , check this ,

What do you need to do to fix a 2001 celica gt that will not blow out heat but the fan still blows out cold air?


low coolant or a bad waterpump could be the problem, but there was no mention of overheating so neither of those are likely causes. i suspect that you have a control problem. the heater core is encased in a box that has flaps on it to allow either air to flow over it(heat mode), or to bypass it(cool mode). if the flaps dont work for any number of reasons, and are stuck in bypass then you wouldnt get heat. and both heater hoses would be hot (not necessarily a plugged core). the first place i check on these is the heater valve. one of the heater hoses connects to it. its under the hood connected to the firewall and has a lever that is operated by a cable from the heater control. if the cable is disconnected and the valve is closed, you wont get any heat. the problem with this car is access to the valve is very difficult due to the size of the engine compartment and the overhang of the windshield support. probably best left to a mechanic.


same problem in my 2002 celica, quart and a half low on antifreeze, lots of heat now

Should help you .

Answered Dec 22, 2010 (13 years ago)

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