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Leaking panoramic sunroof

Water appearing in front drivers foot ell and rear divers side Skoda garage want 1000 pounds to find cause before any remedial work

2014 Lauren &klement 4x4 estate
Posted: Jan 12, 2022
Turbo charger actuator need replacing in under 20k

Already had ABS replaced 7 months ago cost almost 600 pounds Now after diagnostic test at main dealer told complete turbocharger needs replacing cost of 1,800 POUND only 19,444 miles from brand new

2017 Yeti 12.00 petrol
Posted: Sep 7, 2021
Hazard lights flashing suddenly when car is locked, twice.

Car had done a day's driving, then parked and locked. During the evening when becoming darker, suddenly hazard light s started flashing. Checked everything and left it alone. Repeat of flashing about...

2015 TDICR 4x4
Posted: Jul 30, 2021
Hazard lights flashing when car locked

Occasionally when the car is parked and locked the hazzard lights flash but no alarm siren, the other night it happened at 3am and the flashing woke me up

2011 2.0tdi
Posted: Jan 26, 2021
Rear windows failure

Persistent unwinding of rear left window even after ignition is turned off. Obviously a security issue, weather issue, and noise issue when motoring at speed

2014 Elegance
Posted: Jul 3, 2020
Vibration through peddles

Hi all My Skoda Yeti (2 wheel drive) is six months old but since new there has been a harsh high frequency vibration coming through the peddles and floor. This is very annoying because my feet get ...

2010 SE 2.0 TDI CR 110PS DPF
Posted: Apr 20, 2011
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