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Intermitant power steering

Intermitant power steering some days its fine others the power steering does not work as I slow down. dashboard yellow warning light comes on. i have to turn engine on and off and it releases. can do ...

2013 1.4 toca
Posted: Jul 23, 2022
No gears

First no reverse then on driving to garage no gear at all, Is this a new gear box call out?????

2013 iBIZA
Posted: Apr 25, 2022
Exhaust sensor fault

engine management light came on, how serious is it

2015 1.2 petrol
Posted: Apr 21, 2022
Cannot open the boot. It appears to unlock, but still will not open

If it is the rubber, can I use wd40 round it? I have considered oil or washing up liquid too but don't want to degrade the rubber.

2007 Formula Sport
Posted: Apr 8, 2022
Ibiza fr 2012 , starting /ignition intermittent fault

Ibiza fr 2012 , sometimes I go to start the engine the key turns and dash lights up but doesn't turn over the engine.can take several attempts then it suddenly turns over and starts ? Any help appreci...

2012 1.6tdi
Posted: Mar 11, 2022
Fix seat ibiza fr 1.2 tsi 5dr indicators sencer

Front indecators left and then right stop working and get warnings light on dash take bulb out and replace then work ok short time

2016 1.2 FR tsi 110 5dr
Posted: Feb 20, 2022
Seat Ibiza 1.6 tdi Car wont start just turns over when it does try it runs for around 20 seconds then dies

car came to me with a failed injector in cylinder one have replaced this and now the car will not start. please can anyone help with this problem thanks in advance

2011 1.6 tdi
Posted: Jan 9, 2022
Battery drain ,new battery fitted alternator goid

Every time my car stands for a week or more battery flat

2009 Sport
Posted: Sep 10, 2021
Puttering white smoke out exhaust

Start up starts puttering white smoke out of exhaust smelling of oil

2012 1.2 sportrider
Posted: Aug 30, 2021
Engine warning light

engine warning light came on with MAP sensor and camshaft position sensor changed both sensors after 3 days engine warning light came back with camshaft sensor fault, car is running but has rough idle...

2014 1.2
Posted: Aug 24, 2021
Lost its fluid from the power steering rack

Going through power steering fluid for fun

2058 1.2
Posted: Aug 6, 2021
Can’t turn steering wheel

Car was sat stationary for a few months and steering has become stiff. Yellow power steering light showing on dashboard.

2010 1.6 petrol
Posted: Aug 3, 2021
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