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All the fault light came on and I lost power

i was driving along and several fault lights came on then it lost power steering. i got home and opened the bonnet. Oil...

2012 Seat Ibiza 1.9 diesel fr
Posted: Sep 3, 2020
Dashboard lit when ignition is off

Dash also flickers bright and dim whilst ignition is on. Its the back light of dash. Not the warning lights

2003 Seat Ibiza 1.2 petrol
Posted: Aug 20, 2020
Blown fuse in wipers

My daughter's car regularly blows the fuse controlling the front wipers. Have replaced on three occasions.

2018 Seat Ibiza Technology
Posted: Aug 12, 2020
Car was running fine, now will not start

Have been driving car everyday with no issues , went out today and it won’t start, it’s turning over ok can smell p...

2011 Seat Ibiza 1.4
Posted: Apr 1, 2020
Car just stopped and wont start again

Crank censor code, but no noise when turning engine over

2011 Seat Ibiza 1.6 tdi
Posted: Mar 5, 2020
Electrics and power steering

After 3 days in the garage, the problems are still present - the hand-brake light, on the dash, flashes, the ABS warning...

2010 Seat Ibiza 1200cc
Posted: Feb 20, 2020
Battery draining

Drive the car to and from work every day, round trip of about 4 miles and a couple of short trips in the evening. When I...

2009 Seat Ibiza 1.2
Posted: Feb 9, 2020
Back window wiper and water sprayer seem to be stuck on

My back wiper and wash sprayer seem to be stuck on and won't turn off unless the ignition is off. Can I take out a fuse...

2012 Seat Ibiza 1.2tdi
Posted: Jan 23, 2020
Gearbox Problem

While driving normally, the gearbox switches to Neutral while I am on "Drive".. I turn off the car and turn it back on, ...

2015 Seat Ibiza 1.4 Petrol
Posted: Jan 2, 2020
Knocking/ grating noise/vibration from front end. Not engine problem.

I'm getting an intermittent knocking or grating noise. I know its not the engine because its most evident when I freewhe...

2011 Seat Ibiza 1.2 tdi ecomotive copa V
Posted: Jun 24, 2019
3 x Electric Windows failed

Drivers Window works fine. The other 3 started misbehaving 6 months ago, mostly not closing unless battery reconnected a...

2009 Seat Ibiza 1.4 SE Auto
Posted: Jun 18, 2019
Dead dash

when inserting the key the ignition lights do not come on seems dead... rear wiper works lights and radio nothing else.

2004 Seat Ibiza
Posted: Jun 8, 2019
Warning lights dash board and power loss

Appears on dashboard 1.engine light 2.glow plug light 3.battery light 4.power steering light 5.airbag light ...

2013 Seat Ibiza 1.2tdi
Posted: Feb 10, 2019
Dash problem

hi all, my dash is flashing INSPEC and a spanner is lit up everytime i switch ignition on.ive tried the service fault re...

2014 Seat Ibiza 1.4 sports coupe
Posted: Jan 25, 2019
Oil warning

If I brake suddenly, hit a speed bump (driving normally as the situation demands), hit a pot hole or turn left or right...

2003 Seat Ibiza
Posted: Jul 23, 2018
Boot will not unlock

Hi can anybody please help? My boot will no longer open - when i press the boot unlock button on my key fob the light...

2012 Seat Ibiza
Posted: Jul 2, 2018
Electrical fault

Clock intermittently resets to zero also at the same time trip mileage switch also returns to zero. Also boot has opened...

2017 Seat Ibiza 1liter turbo
Posted: Jun 14, 2018
Dashboard lit up with faults

Hi I was driving when a number of engine warning lights came on, ABS, steering wheel, air bag, engine management light,...

2012 Seat Ibiza 1.2 TDI
Posted: Mar 30, 2018
Electrical Faults are never ending!

Seat Ibiza 1.4 Sport 2010 Don't know where to begin. For the past year 90% of the time I turn my car on the pow...

2010 Seat Ibiza
Posted: Mar 12, 2018
Intermittent Battery Light & Slight Squealing Noise

I recently bought this car and noticed there was a slight squeal when starting off in first gear at a low speed. The squ...

2013 Seat Ibiza 1.2 Petrol Style Model 5dr
Posted: Feb 19, 2018
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