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Clutch pedal not returning fully

car drives fine but clutch is only half returning, no fluid loss

2004 Porsche Boxster Boxster 3.2 S
Posted: Mar 30, 2020
Knock on start up

Engine has knock on start up when cold ,if restarted within two days all is ok leave three days knock is back sounds li...

1999 Porsche Boxster
Posted: May 8, 2015

Battery flat Cannot open front boot to get to charger and battery Window slightly down

2002 Porsche Boxster
Posted: Mar 2, 2015
Rattle on start up

when i start the car from cold the engine rattles for half a second then runs smooth.Is there something wrong with the c...

2001 Porsche Boxster 2.7 manual
Posted: Dec 2, 2011
Water getting in

Water has got into the car and caused flooding under the front passenger seat, thus wrecking the onboard computer...cost...

2006 Porsche Boxster boxster s
Posted: Dec 18, 2009
PCM screen blank, but sound still working

The PCM display is blank, in a good light it is possible to faintly see the icons are there, but not clear enough to be ...

2002 Porsche Boxster 3.2s
Posted: Oct 16, 2009

the drawer where you put your sim card will not click back in on my pcm system,does anybody know if this can be fixed ? ...

2003 Porsche Boxster 3.2
Posted: May 11, 2009
Car cutting out unexpectedly

In heavy traffic the car lost all power, there's no warning, no strange noise nothing. It happened several times in heav...

2001 Porsche Boxster 2.7
Posted: Oct 4, 2007
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