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No power on 4th and 5th gear

The motor sounds great, there is no fault on the van and acceleration is also fine without failure but on a flat highway I can only drive 110km/h. It feels as if it has a speed limiter after 3000rpm o...

1998 1.9 d
Posted: Sep 18, 2021
Van has loud knock whenstarted

Van has loud knock when started engine management light s come on then she switches off engine this has only 66000miles is it diesel problem or sensors my mechanic doesn't know

2016 Van
Posted: Aug 12, 2021
Grinding noise with ignition turned on6

When I turn ignition on to first position without starting up. There is a grinding noise coming from the passenger side . It sounds like it's coming from the battery or fusebox area.

2013 1.6 98pas
Posted: Aug 10, 2021
Battery constantly goes flat

My parents have a Partner Tipi which is kept in the garage and not used very much however no matter how many times the local garage come out to look at it the battery keeps going flat. The van has jus...

2014 1.8 Tdi
Posted: Aug 2, 2021
My peugeot partner just stops cuts out, it will be ok for a while then just stops. Stop light comes on but starts amost immediately after, and so on. Anyone help?

In the morning i drive to work about 8 miles no problem 8 hrs later off home and after 3 miles or so just cuts out stop light comes on the dash board. Turn off ignition restarts streight away. This wi...

2012 Combi
Posted: Jul 19, 2021
Reverse lamp terminal/cable

is cable 2200 reverse lamp signal? I want to connect reverse camera to operate when in reverse gear. Pete

2015 1.6hdi
Posted: Jul 3, 2021
Missing data on display.

missing "number of miles until re-fuel" cant find via radio menu.

2015 1.6 hdi
Posted: Jul 3, 2021
Heater fan not working

The fan is not working for the heating and aircon.

2010 7J9HZ
Posted: Jun 16, 2021

Went into "input" mode on its own !

2015 1.6tdi
Posted: Jun 7, 2021
Led daytime lights not working

These lights wont turn on even though my mechanic has said power going to bulbs and bulbs are working

2017 1.6
Posted: May 6, 2021
Engine cuts out when coming to stop

Runs fine on a journey but cuts out at traffic lights or junctions however starts back up again no problem only cuts out when coming to stop postition

2015 1.8
Posted: Apr 29, 2021
2014 1.6 HDi Rattling noise coming through gearstick which disappears when clutch depressed....also loud rattling when accelerate especially uphill. Again, the noise goes if clutch depressed. Unsure if related but now hesitates on acceleration??

Just developed rattling sound through gearstick which goes when clutch depressed....also loud rattling sound when accelerating especially uphill (again, noise stops when clutch depressed.... Not sure ...

2014 1.6 HDi
Posted: Mar 6, 2021
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