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Starter motor no crank when engine warm or hot

Starter motor works fine in normal circumstances but no crank after a run. The system seems to have to cool down for a while before restarting. The RAC traced the problem to a 20A fuse but replacing t...

2006 307 cc Sport 2.0 Diesel
Posted: Dec 5, 2023
Transmission problem (automatic gear fault

When I drive off it has high revs and goes in to limp mode I have a slight gearbox oil leak wondered if it was low on oil

2003 307 sw
Posted: Nov 2, 2023
Cannot open car doors with fob or key

this has occurred after charging up battery. It started up first time no problem . when i started up the second time all the warnig lights flashed until a few moments later they all cleared. A day la...

2007 sport petrol 1.6
Posted: Oct 16, 2023
Start up and all the electrics start off and onn

I have just charged the battery, -followed directions from manual . After charging up started vehicle -all ok. A day later went to start up and all warning lights started flashing, wipers operating...

2007 sport petrol
Posted: Oct 14, 2023
Heating not flowing through to the car heating under dash vents working fine blowing cold air but not hot air

Blowers blowing cold air but no hot air hot air is fine under dashboard piping hot but not coming through to the car

2005 1.6 xsi
Posted: Sep 24, 2023
ESP light on

ESP light on used scanner and get fault code U1125 no communication with gyroscope accelerometer sensor no signal U1325 no communication with gyroscope accelerometer sensor not characterised

2006 2.0 Coupe Cabriolet
Posted: Sep 13, 2023
Offside indicator rear light not working

Rear offside indicator not working. Bulb change done but no current seems to be there. tried hazard mode also not working on this light

2004 cc
Posted: Jun 19, 2023

I'm having a problem with the roof When opening, he opens the back cover, and to complete the process, he does not lift the plastic sides

2004 307 CC 2.0
Posted: Apr 13, 2023
Boot catches to allow roof down don’t engage

Hi i have a 55 plate 307 cc the moter opens the front roof clips and wants to go but boot doesn't open any ideas plz

2005 Cc
Posted: Apr 9, 2023
Idles high after about 18 minutes from a cold start

Idles high after about 18 minutes from a cold start when thermostat reaches 80. No error codes but lambda reading high failing emissions. Subtle taping sound from driver side close to when rev will g...

2004 1.6v
Posted: Mar 15, 2023
Power steering issues

My Peugeot 307 has stiff steering and the power steering unit doesn't turn on, any ideas much apricated

2003 1.6L petrol manual
Posted: Jan 9, 2023
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