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High bite on clutch

Sometimes when i move away it’s fine, other times it feels like im lifting it higher and higher with no movement. Incredibly frustrating.

2019 1 litre
Posted: Nov 12, 2023
Orange engine light comes on

The light comes on when I do fairly long journeys. The car has been fully checked and serviced and the engine sounds lovely. The emissions have been checked and are fine. Why does the light keep comin...

2015 Allure
Posted: Oct 26, 2023
Interior lights

hello guys i just bought a Peugeot 2017. it has this manual AC (No climate control) I wanted to ask if this AC knob and interior lights are lit or doesn't? because I can't see at night at what number ...

2017 1.0
Posted: Sep 15, 2023
Running on 2 cylinders

driving to overtake a car revs @ about 4K engine starts to misfire for short while bringing on engine light, end up limping on 2 cylinders to safe place to pull over. last time happened fault was inje...

2016 1.2
Posted: Jun 22, 2023
Klaxon like alarm while driving

I recently purchased a 108 1.2 Allure and have several times experienced a very LOUD klaxon-like alarm in the car when driving. There seems to be no reason for this (no cars nearby, good road conditio...

2017 Allure
Posted: May 20, 2023
The gearbox keeps dropping into neutral

Whilst in traffic, it drops into neutral at every stop. Toggling the gear selector lever into reverse and back sometimes selects the 1st gear. No problem while the car is moving.

2015 1.0 Auto
Posted: Apr 8, 2023
Engine management light,stability,and tyre pressure light keep coming on

Just had a new acuator clutch new battery and now my engine light stability light and tyre pressure on car driving fine the lights went off 1week but now back on garage says £2,000 again for ecu

2014 108
Posted: Mar 28, 2023
Had a full service and engine got a tapping noise ?

Just had my car full service and spark plugs changed also and belt when I got it back the car made a slight whistle which has stopped but a tapping noise from engine has started? I was advised to chan...

2018 1 litre
Posted: Feb 28, 2023
No drive

Can engage gears but no drive

2015 1.0
Posted: Sep 18, 2022
Clutch supposedly gine

I have a 14 plate 108 auto of which has done 35,000 miles on it .10,000 I’ve added since purchasing it My car suddenly went into limp mode and woudnt change into drive or reverse .peugot have told...

2014 1.0
Posted: Aug 4, 2022
Gearbox - 3rd Gear

When trying to put my 2018 Peugeot 108 Allure into 3rd gear it grates. All the other gears are fine just 3rd for some reason. Can't find any recalls or anyone else having this problem.

2018 Allure Top
Posted: Jul 5, 2022
Clutch issue

have a Blue Peugeot 108, which has done 57,000 miles. I noticed on my way home to my parents house. (90 mile journey) that my clutch had become really hard to press down, got me really worried but aft...

2015 LJ15OAL
Posted: Jun 27, 2022
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