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Gearbox - 3rd Gear

When trying to put my 2018 Peugeot 108 Allure into 3rd gear it grates. All the other gears are fine just 3rd for some reason. Can't find any recalls or anyone else having this problem.

2018 Allure Top
Posted: Jul 5, 2022
Clutch issue

have a Blue Peugeot 108, which has done 57,000 miles. I noticed on my way home to my parents house. (90 mile journey) that my clutch had become really hard to press down, got me really worried but aft...

2015 LJ15OAL
Posted: Jun 27, 2022
Iter head display failure

display is intermitant, then black screen. car is just out of warranty???

2018 allure
Posted: Apr 22, 2022
Touch screen not working

My touch screen isn't working, it keeps crashing after so long into the journey. Car garage saying it's a compatibility issue with my iPhone 11 however I don't think that's right. Anyone had the same ...

2021 1.0
Posted: Mar 22, 2022
Water leaking into boot

When it rains water leaking into boot not sure whether it is from the brake light

2017 108 Allure
Posted: Jan 28, 2022
ECU warning light , tyres light and stability light still coming on after one repair done

Recurring problem of the 3 above lights coming on and car setting itself in limp mode. This despite one visit to Peugeot dealer in July 2021 for same problem when CO2 sensor was replaced. I am now t...

2018 Active
Posted: Nov 30, 2021
Power steering loss brake loss

steering loss brake loss audio vis screen flashing warning lights flashing

2019 collection
Posted: Oct 19, 2021
Drivers side window will not up or down ……

Drivers side window will not go up down…. could it be the switch it self. Cannot book car into Peugeot Garage until mid August ( they are that busy )

2014 1.0.
Posted: Jul 22, 2021
High bite on clutch

Usually stall on moving off, or take off like a boy racer revving high

2019 1 litre
Posted: Jul 12, 2021
Engine management light,stability,and tyre pressure light keep coming on

All 3 lights keep coming on ,lambada sensor changed,came back on again

2014 108
Posted: Jun 24, 2021
Mirror screen work on revesre but black screen only radio work

had it check halford fuse system all ok . mirror screen went of 2 days ago . next day got in car screen work for 10 mins gone again . when u reverse screen work fine ?

2016 allure
Posted: Apr 12, 2021
Having trouble engaging 1st gear . Nearly called AA out the other day.

The gear box is difficult to engage 1st gear from standing.

2015 1.0
Posted: Nov 4, 2020
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