Nissan Micra Throttle Body Problems

Problems mentioning the Throttle Body on the Nissan Micra

my car stalls or feels as though its gonna stall when i slow down.It is also making a rattling noise somewhere around the alternator and timing chain.I have changed the throttle body but it is still t...

1994 1l
Posted: Jan 11, 2008
Car dying

For a few days, my car has felt a bit underpowered. Yesterday as i was driving in second gear, as i got near the top of the revs, the car started kangaroo-ing. I changed to third and the same thing ha...

2001 Activ
Posted: Jan 19, 2009
Engine running rough

my nissan micra is runnign rough, jumping whilst driving & cutting out when breaking

1994 manual
Posted: Jun 10, 2010
Car keeps stalling

Have had this problem nearly 3 years, after about 120 - 150 miles the engine light comes on,( the one on the dash shaped like an engine), after a further 120 -150 miles the car starts stalling, for so...

2000 1.0 automatic
Posted: May 11, 2011
Coughing, jumping, engine check light flashing, loss of power

The engine kept cutting out 3 weeks ago, since then I've had the fuel filter changed, the distributor, distributor cap and leads changed, the fuel pump checked, it's been on a diagnostic computer too ...

1996 1275
Posted: Aug 2, 2011
Cutting out while driving rave needle jumping up and down when just started

cutting out while driving rave neddle jumping up and down when just started.Ive had a new throttle body fitted,lambus sensor all fuel injection fuses checked unknown fault coming up

2003 1,2
Posted: Jul 23, 2012
Engine not running properly

car starts fine then starts to slow down , sometimes it stops then goes fast as if you've put your foot down,has been doing this for the past year,garage has tried everything but cant find fault has c...

Posted: Jan 27, 2016
The cars dies when you put it in drive

The car starts and idle's fine the moment you put it in drive the refs drop and the engine dies

2002 1.1 16 valve
Posted: Aug 29, 2021
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What problems can be caused by a faulty Throttle Body?
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