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Cannot turn Sigma Car Alarm off.

Hi there, I’m stumped on this one and wonder if anybody on here has had the same problem. My 2006 Nissan Micra Sports wouldn’t open with the central locking fob. It clicks on lock but silent on un...

2006 Sports
Posted: Sep 9, 2021
The keep jerking when going uphill or when accelerating

The car has a grinding noise, erratic gear shift,jerk when you accelerate, problem with pressure sensor and check engine light that never disappear

2012 1.2
Posted: Sep 7, 2021
Engine will not accelerate, about once every 20 or so starts. Solved temporarily by switching off and on again. Dealer 'can't replicate the fault'.

Pretty much as I've said above. I start the car, and then either in Drive or Neutral (not tried others) no response even when the accelerator is floored. Car will move, but very, very slowly. I've fou...

2019 Auto
Posted: Sep 3, 2021
When I open and close my car with fob. Makes a terrible noise

When I open and close my car with the fob. It makes a terrible noise.

2015 1.1
Posted: Sep 3, 2021
The cars dies when you put it in drive

The car starts and idle's fine the moment you put it in drive the refs drop and the engine dies

2002 1.1 16 valve
Posted: Aug 29, 2021
It is juddering when standing still and reversing

It has started juddering, feels like an engine turn over. And when it is reversing.

2004 Sve
Posted: May 15, 2021
Hazard warning lights won't turn off

Battery was flat. As soon as I got the car started, the hazard warning flashers came on and now won't stop.

2006 Essenza
Posted: Apr 27, 2021
Boot not opening fully

When I press the convertible open button it only opens enough that all the roof goes into the boot but then the bonnet doesn’t close

2006 1.6 c+c
Posted: Mar 30, 2021
Door mirrors

Auto door mirrors don't open fully on ignition. Takes 3 or 4 attempts before they're fully opened

2017 Tekna
Posted: Jan 6, 2021
Intermittant remote locking

All of a sudden the remote locking on my daughters Micra only works when i hold the keyfob right by the passenger door mirror happens with both keys. I read that the signal can be interrupted by some...

2004 Micra 1.0 S
Posted: Dec 18, 2020
Restarting problem

The car starts first time but judders and then cuts out occasionally. However, it never wants to restarts for a minute or so. This can also happen until the car warms up

2004 1.2s
Posted: Nov 25, 2020
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