Mitsubishi L200 Battery Problems

Problems mentioning the Battery on the Mitsubishi L200
Poor starting

last week she wouldn't start, turned the engine over plenty of life in the battery it fired a couple of times then when she did start white smoke came out then loads of blue then runs clear, once warm...

1999 2.5td gls
Posted: Jul 20, 2010
Starter motor not engaging

Totally out of the blue my pick up won't start, not even with a jump start from a van. It sounds like the starter motor is starting to engage but then just spins. I've charged the battery, which was a...

2004 4wd, club cab
Posted: Oct 7, 2010
Warning lights

Driving home from work when the engine warning lamp came on along with the ASTC warning lights. I pulled over to check things out, manual says its ok to carry on driving but to get it plugged in for d...

2007 Animal auto
Posted: Nov 5, 2010
Front wheels feel stiff or locked in 4 wheel drive

I have had my l200 2.5 TDI on a 05 plate for about 2 years now and have never had a problem with it apart from a dead battery in winter. It as always driven well in 2 wheel or 4 wheel drive. The p...

2005 2.5 TDI
Posted: Dec 19, 2010
Cold start - heater light not coming on

Can anyone help with the following problem. This fault is intermittent. Sometimes when I try to start the vehicle from cold the heater light indication does not come on. Heater plugs have been checke...

2003 2.5
Posted: Feb 24, 2011

Sometimes my battery is dead after a few days. This is not always the case. I took out all the fuses(in the fuse box) and it was still leaking power. Could it be something on the engine? The prehe...

Posted: Mar 26, 2011
Engine cuts out spasmodically, restarts no problem

engine cuts out either when stationary or driving ie no power under accelerator at totally random times.You have to knock it out of gear and let it stop then restart which it never fails to do.When en...

2006 single cab 4 life add ons
Posted: Apr 8, 2011
Won't start please help

Hi all hoping ye can help me out as im really suck, a couple of weeks ago my car became a little hard to start where it would take a few turns to get it going but then it started to get worse and i ha...

2001 2.5 td 4life
Posted: Jul 19, 2011
Wont start

last week in the mornings car would use most of battery to start, then 5 days later needed jump start in the mornings (started and runs fine after that) and the last day needed a tow but would start w...

Posted: May 7, 2012
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