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Mg HS starting issues

Stop start button sometimes not working. It shows message to release steering. Dealers found poor wire connection on first visit and 2 communication error codes on second visit. They have installed all mg updates but the fault persists.

2022 Exclusive
Posted: Mar 29, 2024
Gearbox fault at 34k 3 years into warranty and not covered under warranty . Full service history. Gearbox oil change on last service

Took car to dealers fur transmission problem. Technician road tested vehicle at dealers . Car is no longer usable as is not covered under warranty . 7 year warranty . Car is on 34k and in its 3 Rd year of warranty.. a repair will cost 12...

2020 Hs
Posted: Jan 29, 2024
Engine oil

Car has covered 11000 and I've just been told it's engine oil is only half way up the dip stick has anyone else noticed engine oil being used and how much dies it take to fill from half as MG wanted £32 I can buy correct oil cheaper but h...

2021 1.5 t exclusive
Posted: Dec 8, 2023
Information system 2021 exclusive. radio keeps disconnecting and MG cannot sort this

The radio cannot keep up with changing from one area transmission mast to another and locks out the radio so you cannot change channels and EPG button dissapears. You can get radio to work by unplugging after laying in Footwell of driversid...

2021 1.5t exclusive
Posted: Dec 8, 2023
Complete system failure.

I actually liked this car, comfortable, easy to get in and out. Have really enjoyed owning it until: Saturday 24.11.2023. 4000 miles on the clock. Complete system failure. Would not start. When is did eventually choose to start, would...

2023 1,5 ltr. Auto
Posted: Dec 4, 2023
Exploding gearbox

Gearbox exploded while on moterway. Faulty flywheel sheered off and wrecked gearbox. Car has less than 3000 miles on clock and only 3 months old so not a happy camper!!

2020 1.5 excite
Posted: Oct 21, 2023
Broke down complete system failer

every thing went dead car stopped and rac man couldnt find or restart car

1972 hs
Posted: Sep 9, 2023
Radar ,reverse problem

Reverse problem it seems that when you reverse up a incline it doesn't want to engage . Radar new one for no apparent reason

2023 HS 1.5T-GDI
Posted: Jul 28, 2023
Warning sounds too loud

Cannot find out how to adjust the volume of the warning 'bongs'. They are way too loud but nothing in the manual that I can find to adjust volume.

2020 Exclusive
Posted: Jun 22, 2023
Steering intermittently takes control

Steering intermittently takes control, snatching the steering wheel. As if it is working on auto lane correction. This is happening on roads with no white lane markings. THE LANE ASSIST SYSTEM IS SWITCHED OFF

Posted: Jun 12, 2023
Infotainment screen keeps going light and dark whilst driving or stood still

while driving the screen goes light then dark all time no matter what the light is like outside

2023 exclusive
Posted: Mar 19, 2023
Engine fails to start though lights and dashboard are lit. Can’t turn off the lights and warning sign advises unlock steering. This has happened several times but it eventually cures itself as no amount of realigning the wheel has any effect.

On pressing start dashboard and lights come on but no indication of engine starting. Warning note advises unlock steering but doing so has no effect. Cannot switch off the ignition do risks a flat battery if this persists. This has happene...

2020 Petrol
Posted: Dec 9, 2022
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